Feeling down again

Hi all,

havnt posted since Monday when I was feeling much more positive than I am today.....had a rubbish day and feeling low again!!! 

I am worried about my CT scan tomorrow.....I'm worried about the procedure as I've got to have the dye injected and I'm also worrying about the results.....I'm sick of worrying all the time...what if something shows up that didn't on the MRI?!

I have my pre op next Monday ready for hysterectomy on the 10th.....this is when i will know results!!

It just feels like a never ending nightmare!! :( 

lots of love 

Kelly x

Hi Kelly

I had a CT,MRI and PET scan and the CT scan was the better one I also had the dye and it does make ur body a bit hot and feels like ur peeing but it only lasts a min or soo. But honestly u will be fine as it's not as scary as the other ones plus it only takes roughly 5 mins too. 

Try not worry too much though.

Keep ur chin up. Nicola x 

Hi Kelly

again it is highly unlikely they will see anything different, they are just being thorough, and better they KNOW exactly what they are dealing with rather than not doing the full checks. will be thinking of you x

Kelly, hi,

i had the contrast dye and it s exactly as Nicola described. The nurse will also tell you exactly what to expect - the ones I had were so lovely and really took time to explain the procedure to me.  the CT scan procedure is shorter than the MRI one- for me that is how it was. In my case it confirmed what the MRI had already picked up.

It is normal to worry and think the worse but look at all the positive stories coming through.

Not long to wait now.


Big hugs,



Kelly, try not to worry. As the others have said the CT was the shortest of the 3. 

Yes the dye is a strange sensation but it really does only last a minute or so and it will all be over before you know it. I also had tattoos done at the ct and believe it just gives a better image for them to go from.

Good luck x

Hi Kelly if you can manage the MRI the CT will be a doddle. i remember being annoyed by the twiny voice telling me when to breathe in, hold and breathe normally. I was led to believe the MRI is the more thorough one. I'm having my op hysterectomy tomorrow so just ploughing my way through the enhanced recovery drinks all six of them! Feel free to ask away as I have to the lovely Kelly 78 who is two weeks ahead of me. Good luck tomorrow x