Feeling down after lletz procedure

I have been reading conversations on this forum regarding how people have dealt with this procedure and found them helpful so I thought I would join.

I am 24 and had my first smear in December 2015. Didn’t give it much thought as I thought it would be fine…
Came back abnormal so I had biopsies taken which came back as cin3.
Last Monday I had the lletz procedure.
I was extremely anxious when I had the biopsies and was also anxious for the lletz procedure. Even though I kind of knew what to expect.

I am currently waiting the results of the lletz procedure.
But a week later this Monday just gone I felt unwell so I visited my gp and was told I have an infection from the procedure so now on a course of antibiotics.

I feel just awful for feeling how I do as I know it’s a good thing having the cells removed and that everything should now be fine.

I just can’t help but feeling a little hard done by that this has happened. I know!! Ridiculous!!
I feel sad, unsociable and just really low. I don’t want to go to work - I have gone though as I have a mortgage to pay.

I don’t know if it’s because I have had a few medical problems the last couple of years - diagnosed as celiac and with osteoporosis as well as suffering with excema.

I have a huge feeling of disgust in myself for feeling this way as many people go through and are going through much worse.

Has anyone else felt this way or am I just wallowing in self pity?

Sorry this is so long.


First of all don't be so hard on yourself. Yes there are people going through worse things but this is bad for you. I felt very guilty being worried over an abnormal smear test when there are people dealing with much harder things, but then I realised that this was hard for me. It's a personal journey and not an easy one.

I am currently waiting to have cold coagulation (haven't had my results letter yet so don't know what for...) and I feel anxious and worried. I am currently doing a uni course and in my final year and I have days like today where I just don't feel like writing my essay - I end up googling or watching tv!! 

I really think that it is so normal to feel how you do and don't beat yourself up about it. It's not a nice experience and its perfectly normal to feel how you do.

Its so easy for me to say all of this to you but I feel exactly the same as you do!

Try and take your mind off things - plan something fun or get lost in a book or tV. Even if it is just w few hours of normality - it definitely helps!

If you ever need a chat or anything just message me :)

Charlene xx

Absolutely echo what has been said. Don't beat yourself up. It is ok to feel how you are feeling. It is scary and worrying and you are allowed to feel anyway you want. Infections are yucky and can knock you for six. I had my procedure in december and some days I still feel sorry for myself! 

Hope you feel better soon xxx

Oh honey, I know exactly how you feel!
I went on antibiotics for my infection post LLETZ about a week after my proceedure too. 
Unfortunately, for me, I found out that I'm allergic to them!

Now into week 4 post LLETZ, another infection.

I'm the only one that I know (out of this beautiful website) that has gone through what I have, I KNOW it could have been a thousand times worse- I couldn't have been treated as CIN3-CGIN - It could have progressed without me knowing. But I am still finding myself a little emotionally/mentally worse for wear.

Sending you my best wishes. 

Kate xx