Feeling deflated after LLETZ


i had LLETZ treatment last Friday, I was originally told that I would be having the hot probe thing, I received my letter from my biopsy results which didn't state any C I N so I assumed it wasn't that bad.   They gave me a local anaesthetic which hurt so much that it bought me to tears the whole process was just horrific and I don't think it helped not been prepared. After they done what the needed she stated they would send off the abnotmal cells to make sure they got it all?????

what??? I thought being burned away :/ ANYWAY she said no I had LLETZ treatment as it was CIN3, I asked to see what had been removed and it was quite an amount, sort of an inch and a bit long by a cm or so thick!! Is that a lot?

im now post 6 days and I have a but more fresh blood appearing along with all the horrid black and brown bits. 

Now another 4 week wait I suppose :(

:) it doesn't let me upload unless I start with a small topic :) I have now sussed it ha! I'm getting there thank you! Still feel completely drained from the whole experience :)

Hi Mands, I am so sorry your LLETZ was unpleasant, mine was too but in my case it was due to knowing it was coming & getting stressed about it so maybe it's not such a bad thing to skip that bit!  Overall it's a better way to go as they can test what they removed & be absolutely sure they have removed everything they need to.  Hope you don't have to wait too long for your results, sorry about the confusion there, we were both posting at the same time :D

Aw sorry to hear it wasn't nice for you either. yes she said that afterwards and that if she didn't get it all I would just have the same  treatment again!! Ekk now I know what it is I'm not sure I would be quite so confident walking in there :D

i have a horrible feeling that they didn't get it all, but I suppose we are all in the same boat there abouts and all think the worst