Feeling deflated after 3 month scan

Hi all,

This is my first time posting on this forum.

I was diagnosed with stage 2b Cervical Cancer in June. I have had 25 radiotherapy, 5 Cisplatin and 4 Bracy.

Today I had my 3 month review after having an MRI last week. The consultant has said there is an abnormal area on the scan measuring 10mm and they can not be sure what it is and whether it is residual cancer or from the treatment. They have said they will scan again in 3 months time. I feel absolutely deflated. I was already super anxious waiting for the results. The consultant seems hopeful it is nothing.

Has anyone else experienced something similar?

Thank you in advance x

Hi Angela

This happened to me following the completion of treatment for stage 2b in September 2018. I was also completely deflated so completely understand how you feel. I had a repeat scan 8 weeks later that showed the area of concern hadn't changed and had to have more scans following this and they eventually felt happy that the area was scar tissue as a result of the treatment. I continued to be scanned for 12 months post treatment to keep an eye on it. When in the same situation as you I frantically searched and found plenty of other ladies who had not received the all clear on the 3 month scan and then went on to get a positive result. If the area had proven to be cancer then the next step was to discuss curative surgical options.

Good luck x

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This also happened to me. I was a 2b Adenocarcinoma girl and 3 month MRI showed something. Got scanned again 6 months after finishing treatment and was officially in remission. I've just had a yearly MRI and that is all clear too. 
Please please do not lose hope ❤️


Yes, I've had the exact same thing happen, a tiny spot of something popping up, but it was determed to be scar tissue,  and I was given the all clear, and got it again last week, 1 year after my treatment finished.

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I have also had the same thing. I was a bit deflated also. 

I think they just want to make sure what it is. 


My second sacn is due tomorrow. (6month)

Thank you all for your replies...it has really helped eased my worry.

I don't know what i had expected from the appt yesterday....i guess i thought it would go one of either ways and i had been focused on it since i finished treatment so to get an inconclusive scan left me feeling no further forward. Now to wait until February... I don't know about you all but sometimes its hard to not always think the worst with every little twinge or niggle.

Thank you for your positive stories Weepingwillow, sbray and izzzy76, am so pleased to hear you are all doing well. I hope your scan goes well tomorrow xxHHxx.

Thank you x

Hey lovely,

my consultant refused to scan at 3 months as he feels results can be misleading, treatment can still be working, anomalies can occur, and sometimes it's disappointing to not get a positive result. I am sure like many women here come the next scan everything will be ok, try not to dwell on it and stay positive. 
massive hugs xx 

Hi all,

I just wanted to update that after an inconclusive scan at 3 months post treatment, I have been given the all clear after my 6 month scansmile

Please never give up hope.



Fabulous news!! Celebrate and enjoy lovely you deserve it xxx 

Wonderful news! So happy for you! I am due for my appointment tomorrow morning and I am dreading it so much. After my last scare reading my online files I haven't got the courage to look at the results again, they've been available to me for 2 weeks now but I am too scared to look.


Fingers crossed then