Feeling confused

Hi ladies,

I've recently had a radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal. 3 weeks after my operation it was confirmed that 2 lymph nodes tested positive. I then had to wait 6 weeks for a PET scan, which also confirmed lymph node involvement.  After discussing this with the surgeon he said I would need chemo/rads after the PET scan showed more lymph nodes where involved.

I then went to see oncologist yesterday, who says that I don't need chemo/rads, as there are only 2 nodes involved, and that I will be reviewed in 4 months.  Whilst I'm delighted at this news, I can't help but think I have a cloud over my head, and I'm also confused as to why one doctor would recommend chemo/rads and another didn't. I'm also confused as to why the surgeon thought there were more lymph nodes involved last week as opposed to tHe oncologist.  I'm trusting the advice of the oncologist as I know they deal with this on a daily basis.

Any advice? Thanks in advance!!!!!


Hi kazza, 

im sorry I don't have any advice as I'm also confused with this news. I thought if there was confirmed lymph involvement that it is a given you need further treatment to stop any spread? Considering I have no lymph involvement and still require radiation asap, I would have thought they would be recommending more aggressive treatment for your circumstance. But I'm absolutely no expert and perhaps there's more reasons as to why they want to wait and watch? I'm lucky that I can email or ring my oncologist with any questions and he gets back to me very quickly.. perhaps you could ask for further clarification as to why? Sending you lots of love and I hope someone who has been in a similar position can she'd some light for u very soon xxx 

Hi Krissi, I've contacted my Macmillan nurse today who is going to ask them for some clarification, as she was on the same understanding that I would need chemo/rads because of the lymph node involvement.  Dont get me wrong, I'm happy if I dont need this treatment, but it all seems so confusing, one minute I do, next minute I dont.

keeping my fingers crossed that I dont xxxxx

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the treatment is not necessary for you too!! Good luck xxxxx


I'm quite confused by this also. I had a hysterectomy and lympnode removal and 1 of my lympnodes had traces. I had a pet scan and had no more lympnodes involvement but I was still advised to have chemo/rad.

I would maybe ask for another opinion. If you still have lympnodes involvement I would definitely think you should get the extra treatment (Which really isn't as bad as you would think it is) but of course I'm not a doctor so I'm only going by my own experience.

Please keep us updated x



Thanks Toughcookie. My Macmillan nurse is trying to find some answers for me as I feel as if a huge cloud is hanging over me. Everybody who I've spoken to who has had cervical cancer with lymph node involvement has had chemo/rads. This is probably why my surgeon said I'd needed it. But the oncologist seems to think otherwise. Hopefully I will get some more answers over the next few days. Xxx

Awe Hun, why do people find the need to worry us! It doesn't really make sense to me either, it's frustrating when one person says one thing and someone  says another! Hopefully your nurse gets back to you asap xx

I hope so Debz. She is trying to organise another meeting where she can attend also. I go on holiday on 14th August so if it doesn't happen before I go away I'm not gunna stress about it. I just want to make sure that the right decision is being made and I'm not prolonging the inevitable, which I could start treatment for in September and not October!!!