FEELING BROKEN (children mentioned)

Had cone surgery on 20/04, results came back with not enough clear margins so now I'm booked in for hysterectomy on 08/06 :( although I have 2 amazing children that I am eternally grateful for I always hoped for one more. As we were trying before we found out this bloody thing was invading my body! 

I put on a face and smile and pretend everything is fine but inside I'm hurting, really hurting! They are sure that this will do the trick and I know I should be happy with their positivity but I feel so useless, I love being a housewife more than my actual full time job and the not being able to do anything for my children for a few weeks is doing my head in. 

Its turned me into a woman with serious mood swings and taking it out on those closest to home. I know I should be grateful and it could be worse but I feel angry a lot, I have bad days and good, days that I look at my children and fall in love all over again, and days when I look at them and am angry that I won't see another baby face like theirs

Today I a bad day!

Any advice and info on post hysterectomy would be nice xx

Someone really wise once said..'anger is just sad's bodyguard' 

have you had a blooming good cry yet? 

Maybe book a couple of counselling sessions or ask your gp if the surgety provides any service. 

Hope you get back to feeling better soon.



No not really, I don't cry easily just feel quite mad! 

I've been told Tenovus rep comes round hospital while I'm in so I'm going to maybe have a natter to them , thank you x

Hi there - I haven't been through what you are going through, but just wanted to let you know that I really feel for you. I'm sure a lot of people thing it will help if they tell you "be grateful for what you have, it could be worse". This is your life and your feelings, no one else's, what you are going through is massive for you and you have every right to be angry and scream and shout and cry. I just hope the feeling fades. I'm sure your mood will revert to normal once this all sinks in properly, and your children will love being there for you when you need it. Most children I know just love playing nurse when mammy isn't feeling well.

Once your operation is over with, you can athen concentrate on the next stage of your life, I hope things get much much easier xxx

That's one of the worst sayings yes, I am grateful every single day, I know I'm luckier than most but it doesn't stop me feeling angry. it's because I have 2 amazing children that I want more, I see them and think back and want 10 like them (ok maybe not 10) but I wish I'd been given a chance too .

yeah we bought my 7yr old daughter a costume and nurse kit, my son bought me a bell for the bedside table bless him! They are amazing.

I scream and shout a lot when alone lol , and also taking it out on the household chores, my floors are gleaming , thank you x

Hi I have my hysterecrony on 8th too. Good luck you'll be fine! Xx

thank you, hope all goes well for you :) fingers crossed it will all be over soon hey x