Feeling better but still waiting.

Hi ladies, i’m feeling alot brighter than i did at the weekend after my mini meltdown, it helps to get out how you feel. Today i had to go to the 2nd lesat place i’d like to go at the moment, the cemetary to renew my grandma’s flower plot, thats bad timing!!! Stood there thinking i could be added to that soon, n i don’t want to end up with my kids only having a plaque on the wall to remember me by. Weird how this plays with your head. I ain’t been diagnosed yet. Still bloomin waiting n worrying. Thanks for listening ladies this site has given me great strenth n a voice, thank you xxx

Oh Sharon,

I really feel for you. Waiting is so very horrible. It is amazing what the mind can convince itself of so easily. Visiting a grave isn't the best, I went to put flowers on my dad's grave the day before my op and all sorts of things went through my head. I do hope you hear something soon. Keep busy xxx