Feeling back to normal

It’s now been 14 weeks since my hysterectomy so I thought I’d check in and report that I’m finally feeling back to normal. Although I tried to be as active as possible during my recovery I was shocked by how tired I got and how overwhelmed I felt, to the point that I had a few panic attacks.

I took 9 weeks off work, more than I’d been told I’d need, but I’m glad I took that time. I then went back on reduced hours for the first three weeks. I was absolutely shattered when I went back, even thought I thought I was back to normal, so the reduced hours were a very good thing.

Now, apart from needing to improve my fitness levels and get back on my bike, I really do feel ‘normal’ again. It took a long time for my sutures to dissolve (I could still feel them at 7 weeks post op) but now they have gone. I still have numbness down my thighs but it’s improving. I had my three month check last week and everything seems okay, though the doctor did remove a small piece of what she thought was granulation tissue. Hopefully that is all it was. I’m trying not to worry about it.

It’s been a strange old journey and I’m well aware how fortunate I am that the cancer was found at such an early stage.

Hi lady

i am so happy to hear you are doing so well, it does take time to heal inside and out. Do stay positive and strong. You are an inspiration for all these ladies going through surgery. 


Hiya :-)

Yes it's a long slow climb back up the hill but I promise you the view from the top is wonderful! You'll get there, it just takes a bit of patience :-)

Be lucky :-)

So good to hear you're feeling back to your normal self. It's great to hear things like this, gives hope that we can all return to some kind of normal after our treatments. 

You enjoy being your beautiful self girlwiththemostcake (I love your user name). 


Rosie xx