Feeling anxious

Hi everyone. 

3 years ago I had my first smear test which showed hpv positive and severe dyskarosis. I went for a colposcopy after and had 2 biopsies taken. I wish I could remember why or what happened (even though was only 3 years ago) but it was never treated. So I've had my 2nd smear test, which still shows hpv positive and high grade severe dyskarosis. I'm for another colposcopy soon but its absolutely tearing me about wondering why my results are essentially the same yet I wasn't treated 3 years ago. Logically I'm thinking  without treatment it's going to be worse so I'm really anxious.

Unless I am missing something? Could there be a logical reason for this. I've been reading up alot and most of what I've read severe dyskarosis usually have a repeat smear after a year? And usually always have treatment?