feeling a bit confused?

Hi everyone I was just woundering if any one has some sort of idea how long it takes for an MRI to booked? 

A few weeks ago my mum had bleeding after menopause so went to see her g.p who sent her for an ultrsound when she had it done she was told there was nothing there to cause concern

A few days later she has a phone call asking her to straight up the hospital for a colscopy (sp?) And was again told there was nothing to worry about they couldnt see anything. 

A week on from that the hospital posts a letter through the door themselves not with the postman to come in and discuss the result the following afternoon. After going in now shes been told that theres been an abnormality found which is very likely to be cervical cancer and will be sent for for an mri and more tests to confirm. 

Just feeling a bit overwhelmed by after being told there was no need for concerned how its all come to this amd was woundering of somone could shed some light.for me please any advice is grealty appreciated.

It's a lot to take in, no wonder you feel overwhelmed.  I wish doctors etc wouldn't say 'there's no cause for concern' until they are absolutley sure of this and  all tests have been carried out to confirm it!  This is so  gutting to be told on more than one occasion that it's ok then   be told actually -  it's not ok.  This happened to me too.  My own doctor said, before I had colposcopy -and I quote his words     ''this is not cancer, this is the stage before cancer, abnormal cells, that is what the smear test is designed to do - pick these up''   I remember those words like a knife cutting through me.  Away I went happily (almost) trusting the doctor  - he's the doctor after all. The colposcopist too, said  and I quote again  ''everything looks fine.  I'll send off biopsy as normal, I don't expect to see you again, you'll get the results in the post''  This reinforced what the doctor had said.  What a massive kick in the teeth to be called back by the colposcopist a couple of weeks later to be told - you've got cervical cancer.  

Don't let my story frighten you - it may still be that your mum has some other cervical abnormality - nothing's confirmed until it's confirmed!  The MRI should be done fairly soon, and I know -  waiting around is difficult.  Hang in there,  it's lovely to read a post from a concerned daughter - I'm sure you will be a great support to your mum whatever happens.  God Bless you both.


Thank you so much for your reply reading back on what I posted seemed to be more of rant than anything so thank you for taking the time to answer really appreciated :)