Feel like I should prepare for the worst

well I will try not to make this too long!

i am a 33 year old with no children. i contracted genital warts when I was 21, which I know is a strain of HPV. I was able to clear them up and have never had another outbreak but I know the virus can lie dormant.


I had my last 7 years ago, and have been stupid not to have one since. I've now been experiencing some symptoms that all point to bad news. I booked my smear test and had it this afternoon and now I wait, but I fear I may be receiving Bad news soon. 


The symptoms I've been having include going from always having Regular periods to missing them or having either very heavy or very light ones.

I occasionally bleed after intercourse.

And finally I have started to bleed randomly on and off. I also have lower back pain, occasional (mild) abdominal pain and increased bouts of diahorrea (although this is not a new symptom) 


most people seem to think it will never happen to them, I feel like I know they are going to come back with a cancer diagnosis. 

any opinions or support would be great.


happy to have found a warm supportive place. Xx

I would just like to add I don't mean to be so negative :-( especially around such brave strong ladies! 

Hi Helen

First things first - please don't panic yet - wait for your smear result and take it from there. I know it's really hard as your mind goes into overdrive but you can't worry about what you don't know. Even if the smear comes back suggesting a.problem you will.see from this site there are plenty of girls who can and.do get treated well even at latter stages. My surgeon told.me.last week about his amazing 4A case who is still going after 5 years!!! I am only saying this to try to help you realise even your very worst fears may not be as bad as you think. Meanwhile you will find 5, 10, even 15 year survivors of stages 2 and 3 so try to let that calm you whilst you wait - and appreciate it can be the case that other gynaecological problems from infection to polyps etc can possibly cause the same symptoms. Take things step.by step. I am stage 2 A they think and awaiting a decision on my treatment but feeling positive that indeed there is excellent very advanced treatment to be had! And possibly relax with a large glass of wine (but maybe just the 1!!) and do things you enjoy xx xx love to those in the pain of waiting and imagining xxxx