Feel in limbo

Background....had CIN3 in 2007, had Lletz, all ok.

Normal smears since.

Had CIN1 in May.

Recent symptoms, brown discharge between periods, bleeding during sex.  Went Dr's.  Had checks for infections, all fine.  Had an ovary scan, all fine.  Went for a colposcopy, took biopsy, CIN2.  Have to go for another colposcopy.

With my symptoms I'm almost convinced I have cancer.

Have an anxiety disorder and not coping.

Don't want to die.

Not married yet, have no children yet. 




I have no reaal advice but didn't want to read & run! Not sure from your mssage if you had the CIN1 treated in May? but perhaps ask GP for colposcopy?


Take care,





No I didnt have any treatment in May.  The letter just said 'mild changes, no HPV so come back in 3 years'.

I told the Nurse at my smear about the bleeding and thats why I was refferred for a colposcopy a couple of weks ago.

Then I got he letter saying CIN2.

I was due to go for another colposcopy on Friday but had to postpone as I am due on.

Booked in for 30th - 4 days before I go abroad for 2 weeks.


I can understand how you feel & wish I could take my own advice but try not to think of worst case... CIN2 can be cleared again & hopefully all will be ok.
why  do you need another colposcopy? Did they give you more info on what they might be looking for?
I really hope it all goes well & keep us updated 

Hi, i feel your pain since i’m going through the same thing at the moment. I’m waiting for my biopsie results. Cin 2 is actually precancerous cells, not cancer but i’m guessing your colposcopy appiontment is for treatment since you only had the biopsie and no treatment at your first appointment. I think they have to treat cin2 or cin3 because its unlikely to go away on its own. I think most ladys on here had the Lletz procedure to remove cin. Try not to worry but i know thats hard.