Feel dreadful after a trachelectomy

Two days ago I had a radical trachelectomy and I feel so terrible . I cannot get up, cannot get comfy and my tummy feels really uncomfortable . I have a 6 month baby at home who I am breastfeeding so am meant to be expressing milk but just feel so weak . I am too Uncomfortable to sleep.
My husband cannot be fully there for me as he comes in and needs to entertain the baby .

Hi love,

I had mine yesterday and although I can't offer any advice right now I can say I feel your pain!! I've had no sleep and no food, hospital staff are lovely but they won't feed me til doc ok's it and I'm uncomfortable and miserable! But I am SO grafeful to have it done. I only have 4 incisions, thought I'd have 5, and the op was a success. Take it easy on yourself, honestly don't expect too much, you're only 2 days out and you've had major surgery. Rest rest rest. When did you get out ? X

Hiya you two :-)

Sorry to hear you are feeling sore and sorry for yourselves. It's fairly major surgery, pretty invasive and not a lot of fun but hopefully you'll be feeling lots better really quite soon.


Be lucky :-)

Hi Guys

The first couple of days are the worst.  I couldn't get up until day 3 as I kept going dizzy and had low blood pressure. It does get better rapidly though I promise.  Push through this bit and you will be amazed how well you feel in a few days - particularly when you have your own bed.  Also, if you are in pain, be sure to tell the nurses - they want you to be comfortable. xxx

Thanks guys. It's hard. Is the sleepless thing a side effect of the general anaesthetic ?

wish you well maeve x

Hi ladies, first days are tough because of the air that's inside after laporoscopy. What is huuuuuugely helpful is to start walking as soon as you can. They lifted me up on the 2nd day and it was not easy! On the 3rd day i forced myself twice, walk in the room and go out. 10 meters seemed like 10 km :) but it helps to feel better and gets the air out of the system. i felt pretty bad at night on the 3rd day (same reason - trapped air) so really forced myself to have several long (10 min lol) walks during the day. and then it was easier every day, just force yourself to walk! 

Thanks for the encouragement , liana.
Definitely feeling stronger . Looking forward to feeling even stronger tomorrow .
The catheter annoys me. It keeos not working / need emptying. Does the first wee without it hurt ?
I haven’t passed a stool yet either .
I am inspired by maeves attitude to lie here, unable to sleep but full of gratitude for having had this x

I really miss my baby but it’s meaning he has closer bonds to both parents than otherwise which is surely a positive . My husband is doing great . It is hard for him x

Hey Henrah,

How are you feeling now? I was puking all day yesterday because of the morphine, my poor friends that visited witnessed 2 full-on voms, it was intense! :D I'm getting used to catheter but haven't pooed yet either, I've asked for Senocot which may help lift some of the bloating. I'm allowed go home today if I want but I'm not 100% sure I'm ready to yet. I know you must miss your baby, that is really hard but from what I've heard the first few days are the worst with this then it improves quite quickly so hang in there. The worst thing you can do is push yourself right now, you'll end up setting yourself back a few days. Let your hubbie take the heavy lifting, he loves you and you'll be able for it again soon. I've been told I can't lift anything heavier than a litre for a week or so. If that's what gets me better quick I'm perfectly happy with that. In loads of pain this morning but it's not forever. I hope today is a little easier for you. Keep in touch xx

Hi ladies

How are you both doing? I hope you are feeling lots better and managing to get some proper rest.  Been thinking of you.  

In answer to your question Henrah, the first wee after you have your catheter out doesn't hurt.  It didn't for me anyway.  Just felt a little strange.  When I had mine out, I had to go back to the hospital and do 3 wees and have a scan after each to check my bladder was emptying okay.  This takes a while, so take someone with you, or a book!


For the trapped wind until your able move about sip hot water it helps move it xxx

I highly recommend heat pads for the wind pain. It travelled up to my shoulders and was agonising. I would blast them in the micro and put one over each shoulder. It was the only thing that brought relief!

Also I found that the hospital was more concerned with constipation than adequate pain relief. My GP couldn't believe they sent me home 24hrs after my op with paracetamol and ibuprofen. She prescribed regular codeine and daily laxative and I was much more comfortable. 

I would say it took me a good week to get to the point where I could do things independently and in less pain.