Feel a little silly

Hello, all!

I first off want to say I feel a tad silly even posting this when so many women have much more important issues and concerns than I. So forgive me if anyone reads this and agrees.

I had my LEEP procedure in July of this year for CIN2. Was successful and got clear margins, even had a 3 month smear a few weeks ago that showed No HPV detected and no abnormal cells.

Now, my husband and I have not had any sexual contact for almost 6 months (small time before my procedure and then obviously for quite some time afterwards) he is in the military and is gone very frequently so the opportunity just wasn’t there. I was somewhat glad about it as I could allow my body to fully heal hopefully. At my
smear the gyno said the area was fully healed, obviously. It’s been quite some time so I figured it would be.

So my husband is home now and we decided we would start slowly with minor contact and work our way up to full on sex since it’s been awhile and I’m obviously nervous. And now… I can’t believe I’m posting this in on internet :see_no_evil: but we started just using 1 finger since it’s smaller and less invasive. I was able to orgasm, but noticed about an hour afterwards when using the bathroom I had mild bloody discharge when wiping only. This happened a few times but has now (next morning) stopped.

I’m obviously nervous and worried. But wondering if anyone has experience with this? I’m thinking it’s probably because I’ve had NOTHING going on in there for a long time. I did some googling and have read this is common after a dry spell which makes me feel slightly better. Anyone have this happen before? Thinking I’ll call my gyno tomorrow just to be sure :confused:

Hi Jackie

I’m post cervical cancer treatment and haven’t had a similar experience to you. Just wanted to say that any unexpected/abnormal bleeding warrants a check up; I think you should call your gyno. The chances are it’s nothing serious but better safe than sorry.


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Yes ma’am, I am definitely going to give them a call tomorrow morning to get an appointment and be checked- and thank you for responding! I read sometimes yeast infections, BV, or even a lingering UTI can cause this to happen as well as simply being “active” for the first time in a while. So going to see about getting swabbed for all of those as well just to be sure!

I’m also on a combo BC pill so didnt know if that could affect anything, I wouldn’t think so. Honestly just trying to remain calm (glad its not doing it anymore) and remind myself I was just checked for abnormal cells since my LEEP and all was clear so whatever the cause it’s surely something treatable or “normal”…hopefully!


Agree with Jazza - have a chat with your gynae if you can get hold of them! I would always advise someone to have things checked out if they are worried. If you are completely healed from LEEP and it was 4 months ago I would not have expected bleeding, but maybe it’s not as healed as it appeared from a quick ‘look’. Probably nothing to worry about, but worth a mention for your peace of mind as well!!

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