Feel a bit of a wuss!!!

Hi all,started my chemo/rads wednesday…all went ok apart from I was bouncing of the walls on Wednesday night until around 4am!! Must have been the steroids!!!
On Thursday not too bad then felt really sick…took anti sickness then fine…was really tired so went to sleep. Been on and off like this for last few days…I really wasn’t expecting to feel ‘off’ until later in the treatment & I’m really beating myself up about this thinking I should be stronger & that I’m being pathetic!! My hubby going mad saying I’m being silly & should do as my body tells me…appetite not good don’t know what I want to eat… I know this is all for the results at the end & will put up with anything…but am I normal?? :smiley: xxx

K xxx


well done for getting through your first cycle and YOU ARE COMPLETELY NORMAL (well by my standards anyway!)  Hubby is riht - listent to your body.  Effects of chemo kicked in immediately for me but radio takes a while to gradually build up and I am really feeling effects 6 weeks post treatment from that.  I also found myself crawling the walls from steroids so think this is normal.  These can also increase your appetite too.  Have you been given 3 days worth? After the first week or two I learned to take my antisickness regularly to stop the sick feeling coming on as it really got me down. I also used peppermint tea, liquorice sweets and gaviscon quite a bit as found my digestion was pretty bad at times! Mind you I was craving stodgy and starchy stuff most of the time.  I looked like a ghost after each chemo session for about 24 hrs and my hair started to go a bit crazy (not falling out though).  You  will have good and bad days but just take every opportunity to rest yourself as you need to conserve energy to get you through the coming month/s. Remember, you are effectively being poisened so I think its ok to feel "ill" and you are quite the opposite of a wuss.  The way you feel will almost become the norm and only when you look back will you remember "yes I did feel quite bad then" (if that makes any sense)...your body will adapt to whatever is thrown at it and you will come out the other side I promise! Take this time for yourself - sleep, eat, watch trashy tv if you want and take up all offers of help from riends and family...be kind to yourself!!

Hope I've re-assured you a little...you are now well on your way to taking back some control and the weeks will fly by, believe me.  Just concentrate on this part of treatment for now and then someone will speak to you about brachy nearer the time.

Any questions feel free to pm me and I wish you well with the rest of treatment!!


Hello Lovely!

I think it’s very difficult when you are used to being fit and strong to accept that your body can’t do all that it wants to do. You aren’t being silly and it isn’t your fault that you’ve had your feet knocked out from under you a bit. I have days when I feel exactly the same when I need a 2 hour sleep to recover from a half hour walk!

After my hysterectomy, I lost my appetite for a while but kept telling myself “food means fuel, fuel means energy and without energy you can’t get better”. It did help - as did a friend bringing me a tasty chicken casserole when I didn’t have the energy to cook and just wanted something home made and soothing. I think I’ll always remember that kindness.

Other ladies on here will have more advice about getting on top of the treatment, but I am sure you will find your own rhythm as it goes on. Everyone reacts differently and that’s normal. Anyway, good luck to you. You can get through this. xxx

Thank you ladies,wasn’t too bad today,had bit of fresh air & eaten more today. So ready for it all again tomorrow!! Thanks for your kind advice & replies :slight_smile: xxx

Hey K!!

Was wondering how you were getting on!

Sorry it all sounds a bit rough, i'm getting more and more nervous as my date approaches. I think its the fear of the unknown. Noone can tell you how you are going to feel and react to this treatment.

i think the girls have given you some fab advice, listen to you body and try and rest as much as you can. (can you remind me of this next weekUndecided )

Look after yourself honey

Love Kelly xx

Hi Kelly! I wasn’t too bad you know…sure it could be a lot worse…I was just not expecting to feel ‘off’ the first week…was the chemo I think but the tablets really worked. Please try not to be nervous the actual treatment radio & chemo didn’t bother me at all. Please let me know how you get on Hun…will be thinking of you. Like you say everyone seems to react differently…I’m just a pain because I feel like I’m letting myself down if I feel off it!! But learning quickly I have to go with the flow!! X
Take care x

K xx

Hi K
Thought I would tell you that I’m in the ‘wuss’ club too!!
Had my 1st chemo/rads Monday. Woke up at 4.30 and was as sick as a dog!
Didn’t stop being sick until Thursday when they finally gave me a much stronger anti sickness med!! I’ve found it all much harder than I ever thought and tbh am dreading the next few weeks. I’m totally drained and look like a ghost!
How have you found this week? Am really hoping it was just a bad reaction and it will be easier now
Hope you are ok honey
Love Kelly x

Hi Kelly sorry for late reply…sorry to hear you’ve had a tough time…poor thing hope it goes better for you this week. I was ok a couple of days after & 2nd week…this week was my 3rd dose…dr warned me could be tough…:frowning: it was! Chemo weds…felt poo…freezing cold couldn’t get warm felt sick…went to bed still freezing…next morning face like a football bright red rash felt sick just vile!! :frowning: took temp 38.7 ru g hospital 6am told to get straight there or they would call an ambulance…had to ship Lilliah off to friends hubby took me in …blood tests…chest X-ray …intravenous antibiotics …swabs…was really sick…1st time actually been
sick!! Bloods came back ok & was sent home @ 4pm with oral antibiotics as a precaution!! Not my finest hour!! Ok now just feel wiped out…dr says need to NOT fight the effects & listen to my body & rest…but I’m so pig headed & hate to feel like I’m being a puff!! :smiley: doing as I’m told though!! (ish!) but hey if the little bugger is getting blasted…I will take on anything…and seeing some poor people in hospital that day made me feel so dad but grateful…it could be so much worse!!! Dreading chemo weds now…but bring it on!!!
Keep strong Kelly…we can do this girl!!!
Take care Hun xxxxx

i think you are so brave im do to start my treatment after easter and im really getting scared now good luck xx

Hi all,
Not been on here for ages! Just wanted to say hi & hope that you’re all ok & Kelly hope your treatment is now going ok & you’re managing ok? & Debbi have you got started yet…if so hope all going ok…your story sounds similar to mine too!
I have just had my final brachy treatment (yesterday) & just wanted to say even tho I had up & down days,apart from my strange reaction to chemo that day…it really wasn’t as bad as thought.
I’m now starting the long gruelling wait to see if the bugger has been killed off!! But still smiling (most of the time!) & staying strong & positive!
You can do it girlies!!!
Lots of love,
K xxx

Hi K
I’m glad you’ve found it all ok in the end.
I’ve got my last radio tomo and the final brachy Monday.
I have to say that it’s all been much harder than I thought :frowning: I’ve been quite sick throughout and have had some real trouble with the other end (tmi! )
It’s all been quite draining and I’ve kind of forgotten the real me that can run up the stairs and walk the half mile to school !
That said its almost done now and I’m so looking forward to not going into London everyday come Tuesday.
Look after yourself honey.
Love Kelly xxx