Fed up

hey ladies I'm just curious how long your colposcopy biopsy results took to come back? My mind is racing at the moment and I just need to know how bad it is? My partner is really upset with it all and that's putting more strain on me :'(

My hospital lost my results... So i had to go in and make a fuss! Could you go in and ask? They said 4 weeks for me.



Hi they told me 6 weeks. (2 weeks in 4 to go) oh to be rich and afford private health care. 

I had to wait six weeks. My nurse was really nice and let me phone up until I went on holiday but the results weren't there, so I came back home to a letter.

Week 5 for me was yesterday, so just starting the 6th week now. Ugh the waiting is just horrific.

Sorry for the late reply,so I had them back 2 weeks ago and I was told cin 2/3 that I am a complex case and the mdt has to have a look at them to see what the next step is,my head is racing! !! They said I won't find out till December 4th :( and now to add to all that I have the worst pains in my lower stomach and sharp pains going up inside my whoowhoo