Fed up of waiting :(

Hi there;

Been reading on here about people's experiences and wondering if it's normal to have to wait so long on the NHS for results

I have had problems since 19, bleeding after sex, pain, all the userwal stuff. I was sent for a smear that come back inconclusive and then had to have a Colposcopy done.

I was told at the time I had a cervical ectropion which was causing the problems, however the doctor at the time was rubbish in my opinion and said I needed to have lazer treatment but as I was 22 and he walked off I got terrible advice from the nurses that if I wasn't hurting not to bother.... bad mistake dust forward a year's and no got terrible problems, had a smear came back inconclusive so have been referd for a Colposcopy had biospys taken and no playing the waiting game. Had first meeting with doc March, had to wait till 9th May for a Colposcopy amd no another 4 weeks, seems to be taking ages and ages lol the time I'm bleeding in pain and board line anemic has anyone else had bad experiences with the hospitals treating off? Thanks