Fed up of this every year! Trying to conceive and treatment


I’m 31 and have had abnormal annual smears since my first smear. I’ve briefly listed the rest of my history below, but my smear result this year, as expected, was low grade dyskaryosis and still HPV+. I went for colposcopy (as I do every year) and they said that they didn’t see anything concerning, but that they were going to do a biopsy due to my long history of abnormal smears. We discussed the fact that I would like to try and conceive a second child and I was told it was fine to go ahead and start trying and that if my biopsy results showed higher grade changes and I was pregnant by then, we would look at the options.

The biopsy result says I have CIN2/3. I’ve been given an appointment for another colposcopy next month and it says treatment may be needed, but it doesn’t specify what treatment. The booklet does say that the treatment at the clinic is usually loop diathermy and cold coagulation or cryocautery. I could be pregnant, as we started trying after my last appointment, but it’s too early to test.

I’m now concerned that if I am, I will have to delay treatment. Would treatment for CIN2/3 be carried out during very early pregnancy? If not, what would the other options be?

I’m also concerned that if I’m not currently pregnant and go through with the treatment that this would have an impact on trying to conceive and future pregnancies.

I’m mostly concerned about the fact that I must have had HPV for around 12 years as that’s how long I’ve been with my husband, and I seem unable to clear it, so does this mean that even after the cells have been removed that the HPV is likely to cause further cell changes?

I’m just really fed up of all of this, it feels like it’s dominating years of my life and is a constant worry. Am I just waiting for cervical cancer to develop if I have had HPV for at least 12 years, it’s caused high grade cell changes and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere?

Is anyone in a similar situation?

My history is:

2016 - 1st smear. Result: borderline cell changes & HPV+. 1st colposcopy - all looked normal. Recommended annual smears.

2017 - 2nd smear. Result: normal cell sample.

2017 - 2018 - 1st pregnancy.

2019 - 3rd smear. Result: low grade dyskaryosis & HPV+. 2nd colposcopy - low grade dyskaryosis confirmed. No treatment.

2020 - 4th smear. Result: low grade dyskaryosis & HPV+. 3rd colposcopy - low grade dyskaryosis confirmed. No treatment.

2021 - 5th smear. Result: low grade dyskaryosis & HPV+. 4th colposcopy - punch biopsy due to number of abnormal smears. Biopsy result: CIN2/CIN3.