fed up of aches and pains

hello ladies!

 As Some of you may know I had my smear recently and came back with severe dyskaryosis(nurse says I have lesions too) and have my colposcopy on the 12th June.

For over 3 years I have had abnormal bleeding and for the past 2 and a Half years it has got worse.  Bleeding after sex and examinations, constant watery discharge,  spotting and lower abdomen and back aches that creep down to my legs. Put it this way, I have worn a pad everyday for the past 2years and 8 months. 

I really don't like to go to my doctors as they make me feel as if they are saying "you're back again" and make me feel I am wasting their time.

 So my question is, when paracetamol and ibroprufen do not work, what can I buy over the counter? It's slowly becoming unbearable



Best wishes


Hi Sammie,

Oh my it sounds like you’ve been through the mill a bit. Have your doctors never given an indication of why you are bleeding so much? You mustn’t feel like you are wasting time. It’s your body and you have the right to have it looked at and looked after. Keep going until you get an answer!

I’ve always had terrible period pains and used to take mefenamic acid and co-codemol which were both prescribed and helped a bit.

I’d say you really need to find a doctor that will listen to you as a priority though, sorry to be bossy, but I put up with a lot of docs rolling their eyes when I used to have periods and complain about them. Eventually I wrote all my problems down on a list and handed it to a new doc who took me seriously.

Hope you feel better soon and you can get some answers.

Take are xx

Hey thank you for your reply. 

 Have had internal and external ultrasound scans which found nothing.  Also tests for infections including sti were clear. I had a little girl in 2010 but my problems started before i was pregnant and they refused a smear until i was 25.The doctor said I don't know what else you want me to do. I'm 25 so the smear I had recently was my first.  I'm hoping that my colposcopy may give me an answer. I have been told my symptoms are the same as CC but would this not have been detected on the smear? Or will my biopsy distinguish whether its Cc or not. Sorry im very clueless and refuse to google haha xxx

Hi there,

The smear test picks up any cell abnormalities in the cervix, as yours has done. These can range from mild to severe changes. To diagnose cervical cancer you are right that they would need to take a sample from a biopsy to assess further. The smear itself can’t diagnose cancer.

The colposcopy appointment sounds like a step in the right direction to work out what’s going on for you.

You’re right not to google too, there’s a lot of unhelpful and out of date information out there! For good info I’d advise having a read through the Jo’s Trust site if you wanted to know more about abnormalities or the colposcopy exam and any treatments that they may advise.

I hope it all goes well on the 12th. Do keep us posted xx

colposcopy done....It was the worst experience of my life. the doctor didnt explain anything and nor did he let me ask questions. it was the most painful thing ive ever experienced. after the pain got worse and worse and felt like i was having full blown contractions. i rang the colposcopy clinic and spoke to another doctor and explained i was in a lot of pain and they got me in to see my gp straight away. my gp then phoned the gynae in local hosp and he said he didnt think it was down to lletz but my pre existing undiagnosed symptoms. i was given codeine and sent on my way. im still in a lot of pain now but not as much as i was then. just seems that no doctor wants to listen to me or give me a proper reason as to why i have had all these on going symptoms for so long. all i want is to be out of pain and have an answer. if my biopsy comes back saying just cin3 then im back at square one. with no idea as to what is truely wrong with me and there is no way i am going back to my gp practice as noone is listening to me. im just getting so fed up with it all now.

Hi Sammie,

I’m so sorry you had a bad experience, it’s stressful enough without feeling like you’re not being taken seriously or listened to.

Did the doctor say when your results will be available? Or how they will be given to you? E.g. In person or by letter?

I hope the pain’s easing off a bit now, it sounds like you’re having a rough time, but at least you are in the system now and if anything is picked up it can be dealt with.

If you’re really unhappy about the care you’ve recived then you can complain to the NHS or use the Patient Advice and Liaison service in your hospital. And if you have to go back, you are able to ask for a different consultant/doctor.

I hope you get some help soon xx

Hey, all i was told is that it can take upto 8 weeks for results. the pain is still quite bad and now codeine and paracetamol no longer work. going to ask the doctor for a stronger painkiller. im not going to bother them with asking what is actually wrong with me because they cant be bothered to deal with me.

i have written to PALS and have asked for their advice. so thank you for telling me about them. hopefully i will get things going this way

Thank you so much for your help.


Hi sammie, I have read your post and to me your pains and symptoms match mine except for bleeding Between cycles. You need to go to your GP and demand an MRI an a CT as I had a smear in December that did not pick up my cervical cancer! the MRI and CT scans did please don’t give up and just keep popping pills like I did! it’s your body you know something’s not right or better still change GP which I did ! it’s scary but at least you will know one way or another

Hope you find the answer

Laura xxx

hi Laura, Thank you so much for your reply. i feel a bit scared to tell a GP what to do. i have been given Tramadol now which actually works. i know there is something wrong. so maybe i will get the courage and just ask for MRI and CT. I have seen your pervious post so i need to find this out. were you diagnosed with stage 4? what have your symptoms been?

many thanks


sammie xxxxx

Hi sammie i hope you find the courage to demand these scans as i didnt to which i was informed if you have been complaining for 6 months or more then you can demand them.

i started with pains in my pelvis in november i was a runner 3 times a week so thought i may of pulled something. I went to the doctors and a GUM clinic in december suspecting maybe i had caught an STI all of which came back clear. it was in the GUM clinc that i had my smear and a internal ultrasound which also came back clear.

pain in the pelvis continued so kept going back an forth the GP who would just prescribe anti-inflammatorys and painkillers. i had my bloods taken to which my egfr came back as low so they kept taking bloods i had recurring water infection i have had around 10 in total since december. then about 2 months ago i started to urinate blood which the doctor thought was urologys department where i had a cystoscopy which detected a tumour and it wasnt until they took me in for a biopsy that they realised the tumour was actually coming from outside the bladder and was on my urethra, fallopian tubes, ovaries and is on the wall of my bowl.and is aslo fast growing, i am absolutley terrified of what i have to go through specially for my kids.



Ohhhh you poor thing.  I really do feel for you. I have just began to get pains during and after urinating.  Maybe it's a water infection? I have been told told doctor is goibg to ring me later today to advise me the results of a swab I had last week. I will mention the urinary problem.  And might just ask for an MRI and CT scan. The worst he could say is no, so I will ask  gor details of having it fone privately. Thank you so much. Although I have not been diagnosed with cancer seems we have had the same sit u situations.  Xxx

Okay, so doctor just rang. No infection, no sti/std (so I shouldn't I haven't been sexually active for a long time lol). Ohhh I forgot to ask about urination pain. He did however say that I have BV and that he will leave a prescription for me but said this wouldn't be the cause of my problems and he said that hopefully my biopsy will give me an answer. If my biopsy comes back clear I will demand scans and referral to Gynaecologist.  Xxx