Hi, I just wanted some advice, clearance. I went to the doctors because I thought I may be pregnant do to having a late period and various other things (bad skin, greasy hair) she asked a few questions like have I lost weight I said no. I had recently stopped pill. she checked my stomach, no issues. She did an internal exam and said she was referring me for a 2ww to Hospital - I instantly freaked out. She was the worst Dr ever. I booked a private appt and I was beyond petrified. She had Sent him the wrong date of my last smear - 5 years wrong infact. I had my first and last smear in October 2014 and she gave him oct 2010… I would have been 20. I’ve only ever had the one sexual partner from the age of 23!

Anyway I went to the consultant and turns out what she saw and was concerned about was Cervical Erosion.

I just can’t get the fear out of my mind that I experienced. I was in tears the whole time. I just still feel scared still and I don’t know why. I had no symptoms of anything - no pain in sex, no post coital bleeding, no abdominal pain. I just do not understand why she sent fear through me. She held my hand and said she was really sorry!!! I mean what the hell???

Hi Bluebell26, I know it's been a while since you posted this but thought I would offer my thoughts and someone to vent to if you need to!

it sounds like you haven't had a very pleasant experience, it may be worth taking this up as a formal complaint at your Doctor's surgery. Have you spoken to the manager of the surgery at all to explain your concerns? was it your usual doctor that you saw or was it maybe a newer, more junior doctor? I know that's no excuse but may be a factor to consider if so.

i completely understand the fear you felt once you'd been told what you had by the doctor, it's never something we want to hear, especially when it turns out you needn't have had that thought put in your mind anyway! I would maybe try and take something positive from the whole experience, and let's hope this hasn't happened to any other patients of said Doctor!