Fear of the Unknown


In 2000 I went in to have the leap procedure, in 2009 had my first child, 2013 had a set of boy twins, in 2016 was blessed with another daughters, 2017 in February had update papsmear after post baby, July went back to doctors over birth control that's when I was told my February pap smear came back abnormal positive HPV the doctor was upset because I was supposed to be notified with certifindividual letter in March. She immediately told me that I need to get in that day or next for a coloscpy. I left the office and never returned. She scared me by her intense need to get me in rite away..

I know that I sound  crazy by not going back in or getting her orders but I'm afraid and I am a single mother I lost my children's dad in November 2016. I don't have anyone to watch my 4 young kids while I get more tested and with knowing my risk is high I'm scared. Please help with advice or direction. I've got to live for my kids. 

Hi Jessica

I know you are scared but you need to get checked. It may well be nothing but burying your head in the sand won’t make it go away and could even make it worse. Can’t you go to the appointment when your children are at school? Surely if you explain you havent got anybody to watch your youngest they will still let you go. 

Sorry you have had a really tough time.


Please go for your appointment. It could mean you can have any treatment then and there if it’s CIN.x