Fatigue post RH - is this normal?


I'm 12 weeks post RH for Adno 1b1 and I'm still utterly shattered - is this normal?  

I have a 3yo daughter who is full on but I'm contemplating spending our savings on a nanny as I just can't seem to get it right.  One day I'll be ok, do something like take her out to the park as a treat - and then later I just stop functioning.  The other day we went to the beach and I spent 2 hours looking after her, paddling in the shallows while she played on a lilo and it took 3 days to recover...  The same happens if I do any kind of mild exercise or my physio exercises (I have a weakness in my R leg following rad hyst); I'm stiff and knackered and useless for a day and can't sleep due to the stiffness and pain.  

Has anyone managed to come up with a regieme that strikes a balance between regaining fitness and managing their fatigue? I feel like I'm never going to get it right and I just want to get on with life rather than make endless lists about things I'm going to do when I'm not tired.  :( 

Thanks in advance. 

I don't think that's normal after 12-weeks. Most people are back at work.

Could it be that you are anaemic? 

Or could you be menopausal?

It may be worth having blood tests done. This could all be easily correctable.