Fatigue before any treatment

Hi I got diagnosed only on monday this week.Ive noticed I’ve been feeling so fatigued.I went shopping and for lunch with my partner today and my legs felt so heavy and tired.Is this a symptom of cc.I assumed it would be when I started treatment I would be wiped out x

It’s more likely it’s your stress and worry, Debbiedoo, which is natural! You will get fatigued with your treatment - so be prepared. The radiotherapy alone will sap your energy after a few weeks, but it’s in a good cause. Your body will recover, the cancer will not. :wink:

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Yes. I was diagnosed four days ago and since then I have felt exhausted. I really do think it’s your bodies response to dealing with the millions of thoughts running through your mind constantly. It’s a mental tiredness rather than realted to the cc I suppose. How have you been sleeping? I know I am led in bed thinking for hours before I nod off.

Bless you.I sleep really well surprisingly.Im still so tired every day.My first treatment is on monday.I hope your ok xx

Yeah I have been the same, I was told I had CC yesterday but the stress of the whole thing from start to finish has been wiping me out. I did have a weeks stay in hospital 3 weeks ish ago because of severe pain and had a shocking amount of pain killers and antibiotics and I think that’s taken its toll also. I think our bodies just know that we need to recharge and sleep is the best way!

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Dear Debbiedoo,

So treatment starts on Monday! We will all be thinking of you. Do you have your tattoos for the radiotherapy? It’s all very weird to start with but you’ll meet other ladies also having the same treatment and soon get into the swing of things. I hope the tiredness from worry will be mitigated by the fact that something is moving at last, and every day is one step closer to a cure, and the rest of your life. You will get fatigue from the processes, but keep strong - it will pass. X

Hi,it was last monday.Ive been feeling quite bad all this week.I seem to have all the side effects! Having chemo first ×4 then radiotherapy after so not had the tattoo yet xx

Hi Debbie - sorry I got that wrong! Oh dear - sorry too that the chemo has hit you hard. Ah - I see, because you’re having two different chemo drugs they’re going to do the chemo first, then the radiotherapy. I can understand that. Two chemo drugs is rather a lot to cope with at the same time, but it’s for a good cause. Tell your family to be extra kind to you :hugs:


It’s ok! They are being really helpful bless them.I just feel bad for my kids as its nearing the end of the holidays and I’ve hardly taken them out like normal xx