Fast track clinic- what to expect??

Hello All, so I'm new today......Went to GP for something else, vaguely mentioned breakthrough bleeding, next thing I’m naked from waist down, samples taken and pushed out the door. Wait she said, if you don’t hear in 48 hrs all is fine. A week later, no news so I chilled out. Then came home to a hospital letter, urgent 2 week referral on special “early diagnosis pathway”, letter says I have symptoms of cancer and its even signed by the cancer support team. What a great way to find out that perhaps all is NOT ok! And guess what I did???!! Even tho I’m a health professional!!!! I googled! Never a good plan- as now I know I have other symptoms too. Hubby having a MELTDOWN so trying hard keeping him calm.


my appt is on a 2 week urgent referral pathway and it says I will have various investigations on the day so expect to be in clinic for the afternoon. Am wondering if anyone can tell me a bit more? appt is next Monday



Think it probably depends on where you are how your hospital deals with it. 

My experience was that I had a chat with the consultant about symptoms but I had been sent because they'd found a bulk at my cervix on the ultrasound scan so I think she sort of knew what was going on. She then examined me in the colposcopy room and took a biopsy.  

Take someone with you if you can and try to just deal with things as they happen without letting your mind race ahead x

Anything that could be symptoms of cancer puts you on a two week urgent pathway. Remember that your symptoms could be symptoms of lots of things much more innocuous - it is good they investigate quickly

I once went to the docs about something else and happened to mention that I had had a hoarse voice for the last 6 weeks. Next thing I knew I am having a biopsy to rule out throat cancer! The possibility hadn't even crossed my mind! 

Hope Monday goes ok.


How did everything go?