Fainting durying biopsy

Hi there

After an abnormal smear I had a biopsy in June 2017 and at the end I fainted. Completly blacked out, I had no idea where I was, who the nurses were or even my name for a short time whilst coming round. I put it down to it being a hot day and I'm a bit of a wimp!

The results were CIN2 and high risk HPV. I had Letz treatment in July to which I didn't faint during this.

I had my 6 month smear in January 2018 and last week had to go back for a second biopsy as more abnormal cells detected.

At the EXACT same point of the biopsy, I fainted again! Same as before where I had no recolection of what was happening while comming round and embaressingly this time my bladder also emptied whilst I was blacked out (top tip go for a wee first!)

They said it might be a reaction to the silver nitrate as both times this is when I blacked out.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is it unusual? Could it be linked to the silver nitrate?

I'm not normally a worrier but I am now panicking about having to go back for more treatment or another biopsy.

Thank you in advance



Hey Lisa,

i had the same experience so please don’t worry, the nurses even said to me it was fairly common! I am prone to fainting in these situations and the first time I had biopsies I had my Mum with me and I was ok, second time round I took my boyfriend with me who had no idea to do and looked white as a sheet!

I also passed out at the end of the second one which id been expecting, but I found the speculum a lot more uncomfortable this time round. I also found the biopsies more painful and intense period pains afterwards which I didn’t have with my first one.

i also go to the toilet before hand as I have a habit of also emptying my bladder but this time the pressure on my bladder and the pain caused me to pass out. I also had silver nitrate for the second one although no idea if it’s linked! 


This happened to me today, at my first colposcopy! Found the procedure itself absolutely fine and barely felt it, but when she took the speculum out, I just completely blacked out. Glad it's not just me!