Failed smear

I am a 28 y/o female who has never been able to have a smear since my first try a year ago. Put it off for years. Finally plucked up the courage, but it was a huge disaster. Was very embaraasing, my muscles tensed so much that the speculum broke in half! Finally, I was in so much pain I begged the nurse to stop after 4 tries. Se seriously tried everything, from a small speculum to posistion changes, no luck. The pain was incredible. 


So, does anybody have any ideas? I need to get this done, but right now, the thought of going anywhere near the GP surgery again is giving me an anxiety attack. 


I was petrified of going for my MRI so asked my GP for some diazepam.  Only had 3 of the low dose but it did the trick, I managed to get through it OK.  Worth asking your GP about it.



Oh you poor woman that's sounds horrific, 

speak to your GP about some medication you can possibly take before they do te procedure and hopefully

that will be able to help you 


best of luck xx