Failed smear test - worries

So I went for a smear test today. Im 27 years old, had my first smear at 25 found abnormal cells and HPV positive. Went on to have 2 colposcopys and was given the ok. Since then I've had a lot of problems down there and currently having appointments with specialists to have a look at suspected endometrosis after horrific pain on periods and off to the point I'm unable to talk during the pain, walk and have previously collapsed from it and ended up in hospital which is where they first found suspected endometrosis from an ultra sound scan following a severe kidney infection. 

While I'm waiting for my appointment for that, I had my routine smear test again today. The nurse said I was far too tiny down there, she used 2 speculums including the one she referred to as the virgin speculum and said I have a lot of white discharge down there and she couldn't find my cervix at all. After living my bum up with my hands and her trying to search she still couldnt find it, it was quite painful and she stopped and said it was impossible for her to find my cervix. She said nurses wouldnt be able to use these speculums on me for a smear test and got me an emergency appointment with the doctor to see if she can find it and perhaps refer me to a specialist gynocologist at the hospital to use the chair where your legs get put up in the air. Im not sure if she means having another colposcopy or something else....

Has anyone had this experience where not only the nurse was unable to find the cervix but she said none of the speculums nurses use can work on me down there for the smear? Is it normal for a 27 year old who is obviously not a virgin be so tiny down there that she couldnt use the smallest speculum? What would this mean for pregnancy in the future as im already concerned about the endometrosis affecting my fertility depending on the stage of it but the fact my cervix appears to be so far back will that create problems too? 

Im really worried at the moment for all of this going on and still no answers. 

I’d not panic just yet , in my experience it’s a bit like giving blood ... sometimes you just need a different nurse to give it a go !

I agree with Aa1. Sometimes it’s the person doing the smear.

My cervix can be pretty awkward to reach but not impossible. 

Dont worry about pregnancy, the size of your vagina is not an issue with this.

Good luck xxx

My cervix is high, the consultant that saw me said this is normal for my age, I'm 28.

Sounds like the nurse caused some unnecessary panic. Hugs hun, they can be good at doing that!


Not wanting to be flippant but it is definitely her and not you! 

You have had a successful previous smear and 2 colposcopies using speculums (and sexual intercourse!) so it is down to her poor technique not you owning the world's smallest vagina!

Hopefully, the next person to have a go has better skills - and more tact! 

Thank you for your comments. The doctor was able to do the smear test on me this morning. She said my cervix looked healthy from what she can see but I have a lot of blood discharge inside so just waiting for the results now up to 2/3 weeks. 

That’s not true. I developed a tight vagina out of nowhere. It is worth considering. You need to find the actual problem to get a solution to it.