Failed MRI

Went for my MRI this evening, absolutely no possible way I could go through with it....feel like a complete failure, I know how much it could have told us

oh you poor thing. I've had very mixed experiences with MRI's. Had to have a radiographer hold my hand throughout once and had

Valium from the Gp to relax me. There is an open mri in Cheltenham that you can be referred to. Go to the gp and ask for Valium. It will take the edge off. My laSt MRI (#4) was ok. I think it was a combination

of things. I know what I like and

what I don’t like (I don’t like
them talking to me, I don’t like

them telling me when I’m going
to move I tell them all these things!) also before it a friend told me she had fallen asleep during hers. I jyst could not believe it was possible but I took on board what she said and it kind of helped. I also hold my arms straight above my head not crossed on my body.i also NEVER open my eyes. i feel for you I really do. Pm me if you want to talk it out, but depending on where you are in the country consider Cheltebham there maybe others . Apologies for typos, forum hates my phone, and phone hates my hand cream!


It was awful, I went in feet first thinking my head would be outside the scanner but no.  I closed my eyes on the third attempt to put me in the machine and even with my hands above my head, I could feel the machine pushing in on my arms.  Had to get out !!!

think I will ask consultant to refer me to an open scanner, the radiologist said yesterday that I would probably need a CT instead. Would a CT be good enough? 

My understanding is a Ct will show if Cancer has spread to other organs and an MRI Is better at looking for possible lymph node involvement and detailed positioning of tumour. do you know what treatment you are having yet? 

Are you a 'wider' lady? I pack a pretty wide berth and like you freak if any bit of my touches the side, but you can get in if you clasp your hands over your head (as if you were diving into a pool) it's a little uncomfortable to hold that position but better than 'side squeeze'. If it helps, and you feEl you could have another go, you can stop the scan if it all gets too much. I did on my first time. Obviosly not hugely appreciated but knowing you can get out of you need to may give you the confidence to have another go. The ct is much easier as it is less enclosed but still keep your eyes shut would be my advice! 

Wow, just read some of your are amazing !

I am a 'big girl' I was seriously considering a radical diet plan but now its in the back of my mind that why should I give up the food I like if Im just gonna die anyhow....prob best to diet a little for any operations will sort head out as soon as Ive cleared the fridge !

The MRI was the most awful thing, Ive had nightmares about it since Monday and there is no way I can go in it unless I am completely anaethatised which isnt gonna happen. I cant even shop when its really busy and during the film "the great escape" my husband had to come hold my hand cos of the tunnels !! I also freak out if I get a dress stuck over my head/shoulders... So very very claustrophobic. 

I hope the CT will be enough, I tried to phone the consultant yesterday to tell her yhat the MRI had failed but her secratary aid she wasnt taking calls.  Said she would pass the message on but they would probably wait for radiology to tell them that it had failed !!

I dont know what treatment I am having as they havent told me anything yet, but the letter she sent to my GP says that she told "the couple" that its probably a malignancy.... She didnt say this to us, if fact she never even acknowledged my husband, not even a hello or who are you ! 

She did say that she didnt know what it was but she could definitely see two areas of concern (which my GP already saw two weeks ago) and that if the biopsy was clear then I would need another under GA. She wanted the MRI results back the same time as the biopsy. Which is why I called to ask for a CT. 


My understanding is that an MRI trumps a CT but that a PET trumps an MRI. Also that a PET uses a CT scanner. If all of that is correct then in theory you could get the very best PET scan in a nice open CT scanner. Where I am I don't have access to either MRIs nor PET scans, the whole diagnosis is done with CTs, X-Rays, ultrasound and poking about. It's still world class diagnosis and treatment :-)

I did have MRI scans years ago for a slipped disc and I fully sympathise with you. I really wouldn't want another go in that tumble-dryer!

Be lucky :-)


I've had 2 MRI's now and due to have another later this year and I am claustrophobic.  I have some diazepam from my GP to get me through it.  My head is not fully inside, from about my nose upwards is outside the scanner which I can cope with.  My husband stays in the room with me and has his hand on my shoulder the whole time, the touch is very reassurring (know it sounds crazy but my reasoning is he could pull me out, lol!!).

When they did the abdomen area they wanted to put me fully in but after talking to them about my fears, they just inched a bit at a time until they could see the area they wanted and I still had my eyes outside so could look at the ceiling instead of the top of the scanner.

Don't know if this will help but sending you lots of luck & hugs.


Wow, thats exactly what I hoped they would do, keep my head outta the machine.....I would have just about coped with that !  Waiting for the consultant to get back to me, if she insists I try MRI again thats what I will ask for