Failed Lletz

Hi All,


Firstly I just wanted to say what a fabulous resource this forum / site is. Reading your stories over the last few weeks has been a god send!


i had an abnormal smear result in late March and a colposcopy/ biopsy around 10 days ago.  Luckily I have private healthcare through work and the process has thankfully moved along pretty quickly.  I went in for my results and lletz today.  This was to be carried out under local anaesthetic.  The biopsy showed high grade CGIN and I was told by my consultant that I would require a 'top hat procedure' ( never has a top hat sounded less fun! ).


However upon getting stuck in there I was quickly told that he couldn't proceed any further

and I would have to have to carry out the procedure next week under GA.  He said I had a large cervix (who knew!) and that the area of abnormality was larger than anticipated.  He also told me that he had concerns re my womb and would under GA examine it with a telescope! On typing that now I am starting to wonder if I made it up!!!


I am really starting to panic now that something is much more wrong than I thought    Has anyone experienced anything like this? Also how long was your recovery after lletz under GA?


I am 28 with one son.   











i cant comment re the lletz but I had a cone biopsy and D&C on Thursday and feel absolutely fine now :) just alittle light bleeding :) x

Hi Jane101,

I'm sorry you're going through all this. The waiting is hard, and then to be thrown during your appointment by what was said can be even more of worrying time than it already is.

It's more common than you probably realise for them to have to do the LLETZ procedure under GA. With CGIN the cells that are are abnormal are going up into the canal, and so with you under GA it will easier for them to do what they need to do, and much more comfortable for you too. Try not to panic, although I'm fully aware this is easier said than done. 

The examination of your womb will possibly be done with a hystercoscopy. It's inserted through the cervix and into the womb, and they can have a good look and take samples if needed (and yes a bit like a kind of telescope, so you're not wrong in your description of it).

Do you have a date yet for the procedure? I wish you all the best, and hope this will be something that you can soon put behind you.