Failed cervical screening

Think I may have vaginismus (only recently been able to have sex after many years of trying. It still hurts but really thought I was getting somewhere. Had my letter through for my cervical screening and felt confident that I would be OK. Got there and the nurse couldn’t even barely put the speculum in without me been in pain. Got a doctor in to try and no luck either it was the most humiliating thing and basically said I wouldn’t be able to have a cervical screening test until I was ready. This one put me off for life. Is it only a small possibility that I could get cervical cancer if I’ve only had sex a few times? Feel heartbroken thinking I can’t have a screening. Thank you for any help.

How old are you?
I would have a word with another doctor, I have a friend who also struggles having smears but her doctor gives her some stuff ( sorry can’t remember the name) which she has to insert into herself for a few weeks before and it helps them to get the speculum in with not much problem but there’s no chance without. I really wouldn’t be happy not having smears and this site is the proof that they are much needed.
It really isn’t about how many time you have had sex. I wish you luck
Big hug

I'm almost 25. I'm so scared of going back to the doctors but having sleepless nights now panicking that I already have cervical cancer and it will be too late to sort it if they can't do the cervical screening. I told the nurse I was worried about not being able to have the screening as I have been sexually active and she seemed to dismiss it and just didn't put my mind at rest. Basically said if I get more confident and that sex gets easier then I should try coming in again which didn't fill me with confidence. 

Hi, I have diagnosed Vaginismus and know how you feel, my doctor gives me 5 x 5mg of diazapam for each smear test or vaginal examination and it helps tremendously. It does mean that you have to get someone else to drive/take you for your test but it helps a lot and makes the test possible. Please speak to your doctor about it and hopefully they will be supportive x



I feel so embarrassed about writing this but it’s my only outlet as I’m too mortified to tell anyone. I went for my first smear test yesterday at age 26 and it was the most painful experience when the nurse used the speculum. She explained that she couldn’t do it because my hymen was still intact as I’ve never been sexually active.

I’ve always used sanitary towels instead of tampons as I remember it hurting so much trying to use one for the first time. It’s made me worried about having sex for the first time in the future with the pain as I think I must have vaginimus? 


I only went through with it as part of a routine pill check and didn’t intend to do it as I knew my chance of cervical cancer is low anyway but thought it would be done then. 


The nurse has booked me in for 3 years time and recorded my notes. 

Does anyone have any advice? Thanks so much