Failed bracky therapy

I'm being treated for cc 2b. Iv completed 20 radio and 4 chemo and unfortunately yesterday they were unable to carry out bracky therapy. Has this happened to anyone else?

Hi Linz,

I too was diagnosed with stage 2b cc in May 2013, I had the same treatment as you. On my third and final brachytherapy session the tubes where inserted in the wrong place and the procedure had to be abandoned.  I think this is fairly rare, my oncologist said it was a good thing as he was having trouble seeing the tumour as it had shrunk so much.

 I have just had another CT and MRI scan and am still showing no sign of cancer, one year on from diagnosis. 

 I hope the rest of your brachytherapy treatments go smoothly.



Hi Lynz

Did they tell you why they couldnt carry out the brachy treatment ?   

I was due to have three treatments, but the third was cancelled as they couldnt see the tumour mass and didnt want to damage my bowels any further. 

We all react differently to the treatments so changes do happen

Hope you are well



Hi, Yes this happened to me too. I was meant to have 3 brachytherapy sessions, once a week for 3 weeks. On the first session they knocked me out fine, but we're unable to place the rods in the right place so had to abandon. I ended up have additional external radiotherapy instead.

Hi This is the first time I've posted. I went into the Christie yesterday to have the first of two brachytherapies. I had a general anaesthetic to have the rods put in but woke up in recovery to be told it had been unsuccessful. Consultant explained my tumour is in a very awkward place so she couldn't get to it. The good news is that the tumour has shrunk a lot. I've had twenty five radiotherapies and two chemos. I couldn't stand any more chemo. I was so ill. It seems strange that some people seem to get through chemo ok but I just couldn't take it. Anyway I've now got to have ten more external radiotherapies. I didn't ask the consultant how successful this will be as opposed to the brachytherapy. Just can't wait for it all to be over

Oh I forgot to say what I'm being treated for. I was diagnosed with stage 2b cc in December 2016, after having post menopausal bleeding. Had a hysteroscopy MRI scan colposcopy and further MRI. Started external radiotherapy and cisplatin 9th Jan