facial hair! help!

Hi ladies!

I lost all my hair on my body when I was going through treatment and now it’s all grown/growing back. The trouble is I noticed that my face has developed a blonde “beard” around my jaw line (like side burns) but just plucking my eyebrows I’ve noticed that parts coming away from my hair has started to become darker!!!

I have never ever had facial hair ever! It’s as if my body has decided I need it - I really really don’t! Has anyone else had this??? If so how do I get rid of it? I don’t want to shave as it will come back thicker and I’m not the best shaver in the world!

Those no no things are too expensive aswell! Help!

Hi Carmel,

One of God's little gifts to women is that not only is there the whole menstrual and childbearing stuff but we also develop facial hair as we get older. I suspect it's to do with hormones. I have a white beard which I use tweezers on and I know other women who use wax strips on their moustaches. DO NOT SHAVE!

Be lucky :-)

Hi Carmel

Like you I lost all body hair during treatment. Slowly it's returned but has bought facial hair with it. It's dark and I've dreamt of waking up looking like the bearded lady!! 

As Tivoli said, I believe it to be hormone related due to the flipping menopause. 

I'm plucking at the moment in the hope of finding something a little longer lasting without breaking the bank. Xx

Thanks ladies I thought it would be hormone related. I've got abit too much to pluck unfortunitly! I won't be shaving....if I find something I will let you know xx

Boots used to do a facial strength hair removal cream for sensitive skin. Can't remember if it's expesive though, it's been eleven years since I was in a branch of Boots :-)

Thank you! I don't care about the cost I want it gone....all the natural home remedies take weeks so I shall be sourcing this! Thank you! Once again invaluble help xx