Fabulous Campaign

Fabulous Magazine is planning to launch a campaign to have the law changed with respect to what age women can have access to smear tests. Following the story of Katie Brickell, we believe something needs to be done to stop other young women ending up in a similar situation to Katie.
We would like to speak to women who are suffering from cervical cancer which wasn’t picked up at an early stage, because they were too young (under the current guidelines) to have a smear test.
We can pay you a generous fee for your time and hope some members of Jo’s Trust will be interested in sharing their thoughts and experiences with us.
If you would like to discuss this my email address is eimear.o’hagan@fabulousmag.co.uk
Thank You
Eimear (Features Writer)
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hi i was 30 so bit older then most
but im shore plenty under 25s will come along and id like to say its about time that a magazine held a campaign we have lost too many women to this diesease and i aint prepared to sit around while pen pushers make discissions that are life threatening

regards debra hill x


My daughter was 19 when she had her first abnormal smear and by the age of 22 it was cin 3. We most certainly need the age of smears changed from 25. Chaela was 34 when she died. If by bringing the age back down and it saves one life then it will be worth it.