Extremely worried


I can't take this any more. so worried to take any scan, i feel leg swollen, insomnia, some pain under pelvic, bleeding nose... i just can't image if it came back.

Mylast scan was clear, i just can't face any more bad news now. no friend here, no family here, they don't even know what i have been through...i feel so depressed

I can't share the feeling with my husband, don't want him to worry about me.

I forget what happliness feels like...






Darling lady please know that there is support for you here and links on this site for support groups.  You are not alone and please know that your husband is most probably worried about you.  Sending you big hugs and lots of positive vibes xxx

Hi BeBrave

Have you thought about talking to your GP about your fears?  Or perhaps talk to your CNS about how you are feeling.  They could perhaps arrange counselling that would help.  It is a worry that it will return but it sounds like the worrying has taken over.

I would urge you to talk to your husband, if the positions were reversed then I'm sure you would want to know what he was going through.

You are never alone with this site to turn to, there are lots of ladies here who will help and support you but please think about the help I have suggested above.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi there. 

It it do difficult if not impossible not to worry about reoccurrence. You sound very alone and this can only make you feel more isolated and afraid. I echo the comments about going to your GP Or getting in touch with your CNS if you had a good relationship with them. They will understand, as we all do , the worry that comes after treatment. i hope even getting it out here had helped a little . 

Hi Lovely,the time after treatment is the worst time for all of us.

It is well known,so all you hospital team,GP,CNS and all the fantastic ladies

on this site will help you throughit.

The fears are always there,thats normal,but,like the other ladies said a problem

shared and all that.

I agree with Cheryl,our partners are just as scared as us.He is probably trying

to put on a brave face for you.You can both talk it through with your team.

All the best

Becky x 

Hello sweetheart,

Are you on six-month follow-up exams? Sounds like it. To tell you the truth mine are in April & October and my anxiety levels always rise in the weeks just before the exams. Of course we are all terrified of recurrence, but at least if there is a recurrence they will be on top of it straight away. Like you, I am in a different country form my family, I have my husband here and I don't always tell him how afraid I am. You have had exactly the same treatment as me, about six months after me, and you were one stage lower than me, so can we do this together? Can we hold hands over the internet and be brave together when we go for our next scans?

Be lucky



I read your message and just wanted to say that you are not alone. It must seem overwhelming to be in a foreign country without family, but take heart from the fact that there are others here who know how you feel and what the worrying is like.
I am eight weeks post op for stage 1b1 so have not had my first follow up scan yet. But I was referred to a Macmillan counsellor by my CNS and found it really useful to speak to someone who could listen and understand.
If you ask your nurse about it they will advise you. It is a free service on the NHS.
Take care
Kat x


please don't think you are alone. There are ladies here to support you. You were so brave to put your post up. Share your fears with your husband and together you can get through this. So many of us are scared but we are stronger than we think. You have done this before so you can do it again. Lots of luck to you

karen x