extremely heavy bleeding.. scared!

hi, i feel so silly posting on here! but i honestly feel like something isn’t right.

i had my first smear in july 2015, it came back cin2 and i had a little treatment.I was supposed to have gone back a year later but fell pregnant in december.

baby (number 3)i s now 8 months old. i didnt have a proper period until 4 months. i then had 2 normal periods but this one is something different. i have Had heavy bleeding for 7 weeks, to the point a super plus tampon isn’t lasting 30 mins. i will stand in the shower and its just pouring down my legs. Been to the doctors and they have gave me two different tablets which has made no difference. i finally stopped last week. I had sex with my partner and bleed during/after, and now the heavy bleeding has started again.

my mum has had womb cancer.

i feel like the doctors and my family aren’t taking me seriously. i have another doctors appointment on monday.

i also have pelvic pain and hip pain and low back pain, but had this for years.

the doctors want me to have a coil fitted, but i need to stop bleeding to have swabs, and i haven’t had a break long enough to have it. And tbh i don’t want the coil fitted, i feel like there is something else wrong.

thank you xx

meant a follow up in 6 months, not a year xx