extreme tiredness

Hi All

As some of you are aware i have my colposcopy tomorrow afternoon, and i have counted the days till this appointment. Just want to get the ball rolling.

I have been tired for so long now but just more recently wanting to sleep all day long. Now i am asingle mum to a 3 year old and i do work 4 days a week in a high stressful job but as soon as i havent got my daughter i go straight to bed. For example on Friday i took her to preschool at 9am and went back to bed at 10am slept till 4pm and then picked her up at 5pm. I then did tea and bath etc and went back to bed at 7pm when she did.

I have done the same today really. The thing is when i wake up i still feel like shit. can this extreme tiredness be a symptom of CC?



I have my colposcopy tomorrow morning and am just like you - I can be in bed by 8:30 at night and still tired all day. I was going to get my iron and other things checked but then got my smear letter and 10 days later here I am getting ready for my appointment tomorrow.

Ive been stressing about tomorrow and thinking all sorts but tomorrow we'll both have a better idea and hopefully well come away with some reassurance.

All the best for tomorrow x


it is a sign of being stressed!!! A sign of being a very busy working single mum who has been put into a very stressful medical situation. It can be a sign of a range of problems but please do not see it as a sign of cc. Some people have no signs, some have loads and yet don't have cc. Most common sign is bleeding between periods and after sex but not everyone has this and also it is usually something else!! For how many colposcopies that are done, few turn out to be cc. Don't wind yourself up!! You will need to wait for results after tomorrow so perhaps see GP about tiredness, just to put ur mind at rest as is obviously not good to be so tired. Might be something simple!!

good luck xxx dons