Extreme Pap - HPV+ and ASCUS undetermined significance


I just wanted to share what has happened to me because I cannot seem to find anyone online that has a similar experience.

My story starts with my husband finding a single “spot” (pimple looking) on his penis. Asked me to look at it because he didn’t want to go to the doctors. We did a teledoc who said could be molloscum. I started looking into if it could be HPV based on google. The spot looked nothing like cauliflower genital warts. We still have not confirmed what it is at all. We were also told clogged oil gland. Doesn’t matter to me at this point as if prompted me to go for a pap.

History: 2021 - negative HPV, ASCUS (inflammation on pap)
2022 - Had my baby
2024 - HPV+, ASCUS undetermined significance

My general practitioner referred me to a local new gynecologist after I received the above result. That pap was fine/no pain. Just very routine. Called to make my appt to let them know my doctor recommended a colposcopy. I was told “our doctor will determine what you need.”

Showed up to my appt and found out I was only to see the nurse practitioner who asked if I was open to another pap as the results showed could be any of 14 high strains and their lab will be able to tell 16/18or45. I said sure, I’ve had over 20 paps probably since I was married at 19 and did yearly paps as recommended back in the day.

This woman proceeded with the pap and it was the worst of my entire life. She told me she had to be rough “to get a good sample due to my history.” Like what? This is my first abnormal. Then took ANOTHER swab and stuck it into the hole of my cervix and proceeded to spin it like a screw driver until I had to say wow that really is rough. Then she laughed and stopped. Dropped it in the sample cup dripping with fresh blood. I’m HORRIFIED.

I was in so much pain and filled a pad with blood after. I started a second regular pad also that was about half full. I decided to see another doctor the next day as I couldn’t stop crying and felt this was NOT right. Doctor confirmed this did NOT sound normal and seemed overly rough or invasive. Almost like a procedure.

I’ve had two children and so many paps, sweeps, etc… never been in this kind of pain. I had to take 800mg of ibuprofen and couldn’t walk right. I’ve even had little blood clots come out, just 2 though.

Today is day 3 post pap and bleeding is now just spots but my uterus feels sore inside. That part of my body anyway. Picking up my son even causes it to ache.

All this to share just for support because I feel so violated and in shock. Also anxiously waiting those next results too. We want one more baby and I’m just terrified after all this.

Thank you for reading all of this if you did /:

Just wanted to add I am 31. My mother had a hysterectomy in her 40s from “cancer cells found.” She remembers nothing else and wasn’t offered any other procedure then. She said she was busy running a business and can’t remember anything other than they said “no more periods” so she said sure.

Hi there - I’m the same age as you and just wanted to say how utterly vile this experience sounds, and I am so angry that you have had to go through this, it really does sound entirely unnecessarily rough. I’ve just had 5 biopsies at colposcopy and I can honestly say that while that was very painful at least the medical team were kind and empathetic! This really doesn’t sound acceptable at all and I think if you can make sure you’re never treated by this person again I’d strongly recommend it. This process isn’t fun but practitioners should be doing what they can to make it as painless and kind as possible. Just sending solidarity and kindness your way.

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Thank you for your kind words. I keep replaying it in my head and I’m just so upset. I know I’ll move past this but the lingering pain isn’t helping anything. The other doctor I say afterwards said if I still have pain I’ll need a vaginal ultrasound. I just cannot believe this all from a fricken pap.

Again, thank you! I’m nervous for a colposcpy. I’ve heard some ladies that say it’s a breeze and others really painful. I have decided to drive over an hour to a better/nicer area to see a recommended gynecologist down there instead. Anything to never see that woman again.

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I think you’re doing the right thing by avoiding that person and/or place and going somewhere you trust. I can honestly say my colposcopy team were lovely and did everything they could to be kind - most normal human beings know that this isn’t the most pleasant of processes and I genuinely am sure that you were just very unlucky to come across someone so thoughtless. Hope all goes well for you, if you feel unsure about anything I found reading the resources on Jo’s Trust really helpful and the helpline were fantastic too in just helping me prepare for the process etc. I think if you can be honest with your colposcopy team about your previous experience too so they can take this into consideration (eg perhaps by offering some numbing). Thinking of you - it’s not easy but you’re not alone.

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Thank you for the ideas! Oh; I must not have come across the resources yet. I’ll do some digging to see if I can find them. Thank you!

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This is the page on colposcopy if that helps, I found it really helpful just to familiarise myself with the process etc. I hope all goes well x

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