Extreme anxiety regarding second biopsy - how can I relax?

Hi Ladies,

In 2020 I had my first smear which unfortunately came back HPV+ with borderline changes, which devastated me. However, I was brave and went straight for a Colposcopy which resulted in a biopsy. It was easily the most uncomfortable thing I've had done, and the nurse even commented to say I'm 'very jumpy' and would need GA for any treatment. Fast forward, biopsy comes back as normal and I'm sooooo relieved.

As had abnormal cells in my first smear, I was invited for another this year. Violating as usual, but the woman was really nice and said all looked ok. A few weeks ago I got the news that I had 'low grade Dyskaryosis' and would need another colposcopy.

My colposcopy is on Saturday and I'm sh***ing a brick, can't sleep, and every time I think about it I can feel the biopsy ☹️. I'm also really scared that I'll need treatment, as my pain threshold is so low and it makes me want to be sick.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get through it? Can I request sedation? Can I take something beforehand to relax? I shook the whole time through and cried afterwards, which as a 26 year old woman, I shouldn't be behaving like a baby!

It's just something about how invasive it is, please help. I know I'm so lucky to have low grade.


thankyou xx

I asked for gas and air for my Lletz which I'm having 24th May ( entenox)