extra checks before 2nd LETZ - advice needed

Hello ladies,

since my first LETZ on 18.12 (I will be starting 6th week post treatment now) I still have cervix pains no discharge, no blood but it worries me a lot.

What can be done to check if there any tumors or skip lesions hiding higher up the cervix before the 2nd LETZ (this is scheduled for 13.03)?

I am trying to limit the number of operations here and I would like to avoid 2nd LETZ in case the bigger operation is needed.

How would you go about convincing colposcopy clinic to get checked?

I don't have a nurse assigned to me and doctor treating me is at the hospital once a week not accessible via email. Should I request over the phone or just request seeing a nurse and ask her in person? What would be more effective - I am worried they won't allow me to be checked as this is all done via NHS.


Thank you all,



I'm not sure they will do any further investigations until they have done another lletz. The second lletz is an important diagnostic tool in itself. For example my second lletz found vain3. If you dont have clear margins after the second one then they have more information with which to make a decision about further treatment. I know it's not fun but I beleive they are being as thorough as they can.


Thank you for clarification and reassurance meraud!