Extensive cin3, cgin and early invasive stage 1 adenocarcinoma

So a couple weeks ago i had my follow up from my smear test and was told i have early cancer. I was visibly upset so the doctor didnt go into too much detail but we discussed options and I'm booked in for a hysterectomy at the end of the month :(


I got my letter through the post last week which stated extensive CIN3, CGIN and early invasive adenocarcinoma (stage 1). 


For some reason seeing it in writing has made me feel all the emotions all over again and I'm starting to really struggle with the anxiety and general sadness.


Is anyone else going through similar and having a hysterectomy?


Wishing you all the best on your journies 

Hi Rachey,


Sending you oodles of love. I spoke to my macmillan nurse and she recommended I speak to my GP about anxiety medication. She also said she can refer me to their specialist cancer psychology team for counselling.


I had a delayed response to my diagnosis, which I gathered from my macmillan nurse is fairly common. I think work was keeping me super busy and then I had the week booked off for my second LLETZ and on the Friday night I just started crying and didn't stop until the Monday after the op.


It's a lot for us to be dealing with. The uncertainty all the "what ifs". So, so much.


Give yourself permission to have a good cry, to feel sad, and to let it all out. But plan activities that are going to help to give you hope and a reason to smile, even if right now you don't feel like smiling. Plan them for a time when you think you'll be ready to start smiling again.


Talk to your macmillan nurse, your GP, use this forum when you need to and don't forget about Jo's helpline and the macmillan helpline.


Sending you lots of love and hugs. Xxx


Im so sorry 

I'm not sure what to say apart from at least you will be safe and monitored . Try and get any support you can and be kind to yourself. 

All my love 




Dear rachey,

Sorry to hear you're going through this. I have recently had an early stage cancer diagnosis. For some reason I haven't received anything in writing, I think I would have struggled with it if I had. I had two lletz procedures, the second of which was completely clear. At this point I received a letter to say my biopsy was normal and my treatment compete. That's all I have received in the post. I have checked my medical record and the cancer diagnosis is not recorded there either but I think that may be because it takes a while to update.

Anyway, I wanted to say I totally understand feeling emotional getting the letter. I would have been the same. My issue has been phone calls. Whenever the hospital rings my heart starts racing. I think I've had so many points where it seemed to be bad news I convinced myself that if the hospital ring is going to be to tell me something even worse!

It's taken a while but I am getting much better about it all now. I do hope you are feeling ok too. I had my first counselling session today. I think it's going to help. I recommend it.

Lots of love, xx