Experiences with exercise after biopsy/treatment

Hi everyone.
I’ve recently heard my smear was abnormal (HPV and low-grade dyskariosis). I haven’t had an appointment letter yet but logged in to my online medical record and see that an appointment has been booked for me 2 months from this result, in late May. I feel grateful as this is sooner than many people are being seen at the moment.
However, I have an intense 10-day hiking holiday abroad booked in June - 110miles, 9000m of ascent. I’ve struggled with serious foot issues in the past and have to stay very regularly active to stop these coming back, so really worried that if I can’t exercise (intense hikes, running) in the run up to the trip, I won’t be able to do it or enjoy it. Or the trip itself might be affected if I don’t feel great.
I’m nervous to ask to postpone my colposcopy/possible biopsy/possible treatment by a month - but also, it might be my best option given that this trip matters to me and my cell changes are low-grade. Can anyone here share experiences of exercising after this appointment?
Many thanks.

A simple colposcopy should be fine; the problem would be if they were going to do any treatment (LLETZ etc.) I would postpone it, quite honestly - if you’ve got only low grade changes this is unlikely, however the principle seems to be that if they see something on colposcopy that needs treatment they offer to do it right away, at the same time. This is a lot more invasive and will bring about bleeding and discharge and a chance of infection. If they do want to do a treatment, postponing it is not going to make any difference and you risk not being able to complete your challenge, which is obviously really important to you. Some ladies are back exercising in 4 weeks after LLETZ, others find they’re bleeding a lot longer and have to pull back from activities. There’s no knowing how your body will respond. However a simple colposcopy (look, tissue staining and possibly tiny punch biopsies) may cause a little spotting immediately afterwards but should heal up very quickly.

Thank you for taking the time to respond - it was really reassuring somehow. I’ve had a read on this forum but found some of the stories scary. After a lot of digging about to get hold of the phone number, I rang the clinic suggesting I postpone, but they suggested I go in for just the colposcopy and hopefully get some reassurance, and they are happy to book a further later appointment if I need a proper biopsy or treatment.

That’s good news, Catherine, and will put your mind at rest for your holiday in June which sounds really exciting! Hope all goes well with the colposcopy, and let us know. X

Hi again. After what felt like a long wait, as I originally had my smear test in February, I have just had a letter from the coloscopy clinic telling me I don’t need any further treatment for a year (CIN 1). I’m very relieved and wanted to post back here as I appreciated the time you took to reply, and also I’m aware there are a lot of scary stories out there so mine might be helpful.

I had a colposcopy before going on my hiking trip. To be honest, I don’t think that appointment was worth it as the practitioner seemed a bit confused as to why I was there if I wasn’t happy to have a biopsy that day, and I felt very disorientated and vulnerable partly due to all the masks, but she was very nice and I suppose it at least showed me what to expect at the next appointment!

I was called back for a punch biopsy shortly after my trip. This was pretty uncomfortable - it feels rather ‘wrong’ - but nowhere near as bad as having a coil inserted. I got period-like cramps immediately, and my next period was more painful than usual. I also felt slightly dizzy, tired and nauseous for a few hours. However, I went for a short run a few days later as mixed advice suggested this was fine if not bleeding, and a hike after that. Nothing bad happened! Hope this is useful to know for anyone reading this thread with the same questions I had.