Exhausted after lletz anyone else feel this way?

Has anyone else after having lletz treatment felt so exhausted tired and absolutely drained? I’m sleeping 10 hours going to bed same time as my kids but still shattered the next day. I keep crying I’m emotional, I got a blood test booked for Monday to check for physical issues. I had my lletz done just over a week ago now awaiting results. I’m scared I’m feeling like this coz there is something really wrong with me I’ve never felt so ill. Thank u xx

I felt a bit drained/tired but not to that extent, though everyone is different.  If you are feeling really ill though, it's definitely worth getting checked out, just to be on the safe side.  It could just be because your body is concentrating on healing up, andit's working extra hard so that makes you feel tired?


I felt emotionally and physically exhausted after my lletz years ago. The waiting is horrendous and i constantly felt on edge. I had my first ever panic attack after my lletz. Also, i kept wondering "what if" and i think i was manifesting the symptoms of cc...tiredness, aching down there etc... I probably was aching and emotionally tired but because i was anxious i was focussing on it more. Im not saying its all in your head, and its good their having a check, but having treatment for precancerous cells is quite a reality check.


Hope you feel better soon