exercising after lletz

Hello. I had the lletz treatment done under general anaesthetic just over 3week ago and didnt really bleed much and havnt had any pain what so ever from it... so I was just wondering if I am ok to start exercising again?! I cant remember what it said on the letter that I got, and I have been fine in myself since the day I had it done so I think I would be fine just want to know I am not doing it to soon though xxx

Hi hun


I had my treatment 2 weeks ago and felt fine and went to the gym then the next day experienced really heavy bleeding, i didnt feel any pain at the gym, i called colposcopy clinic and expained and she said i had aggrevated it and should calm down and told me to hold off going, anyway the bleeding was so heavy i ended up going to docs, he perscribed me tablets to control the bleeding - this seems to have worked however they told me it could be my period so dont kno if it was coincedence or not! If you do go just take it easy the first few times hun xx

Thank you for your reply :) I've heard it takes around 4 to 6 week to heal. Its so frustrating isnt it as I have always felt fine in myself but I want to make sure I have healed well first. Think I will start next week as It will of been a month since my lletz then, and just carry on for this next week with my couple of situps ha xx

I just had mine today, and just had to ask about the gym.  They told me not to go for 6 weeks!  Best to make sure you're all healed though I guess.

Hi Everyone! 

I had my Lletz performed yesterday too (06/03/2014) and it seems that the Hospitals have different ideals of aftercare! Which is very annoying and confusing!! I had treatment for CIN3 under local. I asked the same gym question (I'm obsessed!) and the consultant said I could return as soon as next week so long as I feel able to. He said that if I experience heavy bleeding from the gym to perhaps take a little more time off. I'm only on day one of recovery and haven't had any bleeding yet. However, reading some of the other forums it seems that a lot of girls suffer for weeks and weeks with bleeding so I imagine the worst is yet to come! My gym leggings are  far too tight to wear a giant sanitary towel under!!!!!!!! ;-)

Good luck everyone with your recovery and hope you can get back to the gym soon xx