Exercise post Lletz

Hi all

i'm new to this forum and just wondered whether anybody could provide some advice please. 

I had lletz treatment on Thursday following the discovery of CIN3 cells at my first smear. The procedure itself was fine (a little painful, but fine), and other than a few stomach cramps that evening I feel fine now. I am experiencing quite heavy watery discharge but I guess that's normal? No bleeding though. 

I am very active and exercise every day, so it's driving me insane being unable to do my usual exercise (only 3 days in to the four week advised rest period). Does anybody have any idea why I'm not supposed to exercise? Is it risk of infection? I guess I should have asked the nurse on the day but I was extremely nervous and just wanted it to be over. 

Has anybody gone back to exercising before 4 weeks? If so, how did it go? 

My usual exercise routine includes running, spinning, aerobics classes, weightlifting etc.

Thanks :)


I have had the same frustration and have just been doing long walks instead. 

My theory is that during exercise your HR and BP increase and I assume blood flow to the cervix would increase and may cause bleeding or disturb the "scab" too soon! Swimming is an infection risk.

Hope this helps! :-) 

Hi Shelley

Thanks for your response :)

I guess that does make sense! I know that, although I feel fine I do need to listen to doctor's orders :(

Do you think that once the scab comes off by itself it'll then be ok to resume exercise? I'm grateful for not having experienced any bleeding yet, but also worried that it's going to come at a really inappropriate time.. Is this bleeding basically caused by the scab coming off? 

I'm pretty confused by the whole thing! 


S x

I think even if it does I'd still wait the full 4 weeks (frustrating I know) but I'd rather not risk causing any delays in healing or worse still-more cautery!!  

I haven't really had any bleeding(day of procedure and a pinkish discharge for a few days but none since). I noticed some brown flecks yesterday so I'm wondering if this is bits of the scab! 

You might be ok doing a few weights but taking it steady without exerting yourself. Or yoga? Maybe not pilates, wouldn't want to be doing anything with my pelvic floor! 


Hi soph

I had my lletz on tuesday, no bleeding just the watery discharge with an unpleasant smell (hope this is normal) i to exercise everyday and its really hard not being able to, i was going to see how i felt tomorrow and go back to the gym, not sure if to risk it tho :/ i was told not to exercise for 2-3 weeks :( ive given up smoking so im eating everything in sight aswell, feel like ive put loads of weight on, so am hoping someone can answer you question so i can take the advice aswell :) 

Hope your well 


Hi Claire, I also tried to give up smoking (failure so far) and am reluctantly 3 days into the advised rest period and eating everything in sight especially if it contains chocolate!!  Feeling like a beached whale!!


And OP I feel your frustration, I usually jog 5 miles a day with my dog and it is making me feel really sad not being able to do this as I use exercice a lot for my mental wellness.  However I will do everything they suggest of me in order to not have my cervix messed with a cauterized again which would only require another period of rest!!  So the sooner it heals up the better, I'm gonna spend as much time on the couch as I can :)

Hi Claire,

It might be worth getting checked out by your Gp. If your discharge has an offensive smell you may have an infection and may need some antibiotics. :-) 

Hi shelly 

Thank you will give them a ring in the morning, not sure whats normal and what isnt :( 


Im 12 days in to not smoking very proud of meself, think ive prob put about a stone on tho :( we xant win, smoke and have health risk or give up and get fat lol, wouldnt mind ive worked really hard to get from 11.5 stone down to 9.5, so this no exercise for a few weeks is really hard 


Same here Claire I worked hard to lose 5 stone over the past 12 months and hate the thought of just piling it all back on! The second I found out I had CIN3 and smoking was a risk factor I wanted to quit, still do, going to get some patches to help. Well done on quitting.  If it stops us from needing another one of these letz loops it will be 1000% worth it!!

Thanks for the advice everybody! 

Guess I'll just have to get used to walking and cut my food intake a little - I swear if I'm not exercising I just need to look at food and I gain weight. 

Hope you all have a speedy recovery :)

S x

Hi All

Sorry everyone is going a bit nuts! I did ask my surgeon about exercising as I usually have a 3 mile walk to work and a 3 mile walk back.

she said the reason we cannot exercise is because it prevents healing and may increase risk of infection. When you do almost any kind of exercise you use your core muscles a lot and it can trigger cramping in the uterus, it also 'jiggles' the cervix around and can cause scabs to come away. Like how you can lose your virginity riding a horse etc I suppose (that's just my theory about the jiggling I'm not sure what she meant by jiggles)

I was told not to walk further than 1.5 miles for the first 2 weeks, then I could increase to 3 miles once a day on week 3, and if I felt up to it in week 4 and had no bleeding could go back to 6 miles a day. My surgeon may be being overly cautious, but that is what she recommended.

Good luck and happy recoveries :)

Thanks Kay! 

That was really useful, and makes a lot of sense! 

Hope you're doing well :)

S x

By one week I was back pushing 1/2 wheel barrow of horse poo from the field once a day. Just short of 3 weeks I rode my horse for first time since lletz, only for 10-15mins at walk and a little trot, no ill effects. Within first few days I couldn't walk too far, it hurt, and wasn't lifting anything, slowly weaned myself back in at work just lifting small animals, until last Tuesday (2 weeks post) where had to lift 20kg dog. Apart from muscle ache from not using them as much I was fine. But it's each to their own, someone else I know rode her horse the same day and continued to with no problems at all. Just stop if your body says stop!