Exercise Post - LLETZ (children mentioned)

Hello everyone,  this is my first time on a forum. 

I've had the LLETZ procedure yesterday and to be perfectly honest i feel absolutely fine. Barely any pain and no discharge so far. Only thing I've noticed is if i stand up for too long i get a bit fluttery in my tummy.

I'm very eager to get up and about  (have a 3 year old who likes to wrestle), the nurses said wait a week and see how you feel, I'm not stupid enough to try exercising now but if i feel fine now how am i supposed to know when to get started? I know everyone is different but can anyone give me some advice on roughly how long i should be waiting?

My idea of exercise is to be absolutely dripping with sweat when I'm done, but will settle for some toning exercises like sit ups or press ups or something, or even going for a good walk. And I'm having to tell my little boy that i can't pick him up (which sucks).

Also, i was told i would receive results within 4 weeks? I was under the impression that i had had results which is why i had LLETZ in the first place. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Hope to get some responses.

Cheers, Sam


Whatever you do, do NOT excercise...at all.


i was the same after lletz (perfectly fine) and I am an irish dancer. I thought there wa. No harm in doing very veet light weights and lots of walking...two weeks in I got very very heavy bleeding and an infection.there is good reasons why they say you can't do anything.


i thought I was lucky as I had no discharge or bleeding...then bam! Here I am four weeks later and won't stop bleeding



Hi Oconnorh, thank you so much for responding. This is exactly what i needed to hear, from someone who was in exactly same position i.e. with no bleeding/pain. All other posts I've read have been from women who had pain and bleeding from the start. I will make sure i don't do any exercise for a good while. 

I'm so sorry to hear that you're still having trouble, i hope everything starts to pick up very soon for you.

Would you mind if i kept intouch over the next few weeks if any problems occur? Through the forum i mean : 0 )


I started bleeding 8 days after lletz and ended up with an infection having felt on top of the world for the first week. Take it easy, your bodies been through a lot and needs all your strength to heal. They will send the tissue they removed to be looked at under a microscope to make sure the margins are clear (ie all the cells on the outside are normal) which will show them they've definitely removed everything :). All the best xxx

Thanks Jojo84, I wasn't sure what they could need further tests for. Hopefully all the margins will be clear then, fingers crossed.

Hello again. Not sure if anyone can comment but I have now started bleeding and today and yesterday I'm noticing blood clots. Is this normal?

Bit concerned : 0 (

Would you say it's relatively heavy bleeding? Blood clots is normal (unfortunately cause they're not nice!), as is bleeding around the 10-14 day mark but if it carries on for more than a week i'd make an appointment to see if it's an infection (easy to get it sorted if it is, they'll just give you some antibiotics and they applied some silver nitrate to mine to help it heal). Hope you're feeling alright apart from the bleeding! All the best xxx

I've had heavier periods but it's kind of constant which I'm not used to. Will give it a few days and ring the clinic if its not better.


Also worrying about the results, read lots of posts where people have been diagnosed with cancer after lletz. My mum had cervical cancer when she was around my age and upto now the results/ procedures have been exactly the same. She ended up having a hysterectomy! : 0 (

Ahhh, it's hard not to worry isn't it. I felt a million times worse before i found out than i did after i knew, strange how our minds work! Just remember that this forum is mostly people who have had 'bad news' as i think alot of people don't post their stories after their journey is over. Therefore the likelihood of things happening can seem a bit skewed. My doctors told me theres a less than 1% chance of an abnormal smear turning out to be cc so try not to worry, the odds are in your favour :)! xxx