Exercise junkies!

Hi all, I had my LLETZ yesterday and I know the official line is to avoid exercise for  four weeks but anyone an exercise addict and did you/were you able to do anything before that time?

I had mine done 2 and a half weeks ago walking to and from the school seems find after a day or to. Yesterday I tried to do rally driving at the time I seemed fine bleeding had pretty much stopped...  Today how ever bleeding worse then ever :( so I'd say really Try not to exercise as it does set you back to the start!  Best of luck and hope you on the mend soon xx

Kings1208 I am exactly the same as you. I love to exercise, mainly run (weird I know) I had my LLETZ for CIN3 12/06 I was hardly bleeding at all and since last night it seems like a full period. I haven't carried out any exercise so I'm wondering why it's become so much more heavier??

I did read on Guy's & Thomas Hospital leaftlet for LLETZ that if you belong to a gym do not attend for 1 week, then you can attend however, if you contiune to bleed do not attend for a further week. 

I need to be fit again for 09/07 and I'm looking to start training 04/07 but I'm worried as it will onyl be 3 weeks after LLETZ.

HELP...any suggestions please



Hi girls, I was the same as you. I exercised daily until my LLETZ in December. It was hard to stop for 6 weeks, but you have to remember that its an operation, albeit a small one. They remove some of your insides and this needs time to heal. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it hasn't been through a lot. Any jumping or straining is going to affect it. I had my 6 mth check up last week and they said "the scar is healing nicely", 6 months later!! It made me realise once again what the poor cervix had been through. Give your bodies time those 4-6 weeks to heal. If you're already fit, you will get back into it easily and your bodies will be back in shape in no time.

I'm the same, I tend to train about 2 hours a day (I do triathlon), so after my LLETZ in January I felt like my world had ended with not being able to do anything!  But seriously, do EXACTLY what the doctors say and you'll be fine!  It's horrible to not be able to go off and exercise - especially when it's so good at helping with stress and taking your mind off of things, but you really do need to rest.

I had 2 weeks of doing absolutely nothing after my LLETZ, even chopping potatoes would make me bleed a little. (I didn't bleed a lot after my treatment so the little things were noticeable).  After 2 weeks I got serious cabin fever, so we started some walks, just up to the local pub for dinner and back, then gradually started cycling on my indoor turbo trainer which I thought was probably the least impact exercise I could do.  I started with 5 minutes to begin with, and then had a petrifying wait to see if I triggered bleeding.  After being ok, i did a little more the day after.  It took me about a week and a half to build up to an hour, but it was all low intensity up until the 6 week deadline.  After that I was absolutely fine, and I'm really pleased, looking back, that I did listen to the doctor and follow their advice to the letter. I finally went swimming after 6 weeks too. 

Also, weirdly, it did my body the world of good to hae 6 weeks repair and recovery - i went on to win a race a couple of weeks back from starting to train again with some PB times too - so it's not all bad!

It does seem a long time to sit still for, but it's worth it.