Exercise and feeling good

I’m not sure where I fit in on the forums , the gynaecologist found a 6cm mass which she assures me is cancer . They sent off biopsies etc but didn’t give me much hope on a different outcome .

This forum has been great and reading through things has made me feel really reassured . But did anyone just feel delicate after having this news ?

Im scared to get my heart rate too high . For reference last week before I knew I was going to the gym , swimming and lots of waking . Now I feel scared to move incase I do something to upset my system xx

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Hi @Mel2 sorry to hear what you’re going through! It’s all a lot to take in at the beginning! The gynaecologist who did my biopsy seemed pretty certain I had cancer and sent my test off urgently and I was diagnosed in January this year with a 5cm tumour. I kept exercising right up until the week before I start treatment in March. I then took a break from the gym (my energy levels weren’t the same during this time anyway) but I did try to get out and do some walks! I was advised it was good to try and stay active and do light walks. It’s also good for your mental health as well! Hope all goes well for you xx


For me I won’t stop exercising for fear of depression. Even when I feel wiped out, even light walking helps alot. I hope you start treatment and start the healing process asap. Everyone here is so kind and supportive so it’s become a safe home base for me to check into. Hope you feel better soon and stay strong!


Thank you , I really should just get moving again rather than sitting and thinking through things that I can’t possibly know yet xx


@Mel2 its hard, Mel. Just know you are not alone and there is no right or wrong way to approach this.

I still Exercise by walking and very low impact yoga and weights. It’s hard for me because if I go ‘too hard’ these days my tumour starts bloody bleeding :melting_face::melting_face:

Exercise is such a good way to keep moving forward and loving your body x

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