Exercise after lletz

Hi all,

i waited six weeks until returning to the gym after lletz treatment. The day after going to the gym I had excruciating pain in my "groin". I was doubled over in pain. Feeling a lot better today as paracetomols taking the pain away alot but yesterday I felt very heavy down below when weeing (sorry I can't explain it any better than that) And was doubled over with what I can only describe as a constant stabbing pain. Has anybody else experienced this? I was doing fine aswell - health was great and then this. 

I was told to wait 3 weeks after my biopsy and cauterization before doing too much exercise.... i waited close to 4 and when i eventually did do a pretty light workout, i experienced the heaviness and the stabbing pains... it was only for a day but it has made me put off doing much since... its been a week since i did much more than some walking... hoping to get more active again this week, fingers crossed its better this time!

i did do a pretty intense workout.. Will return to the gym tomorrow after 3 days off n just do light exercises x