Exercise after LLETZ

Hi everyone,

New to posting on the forum, but have found it really useful reading posts over the last couple of months. So thanks :-)

I had LLETZ treatment for CIN3 on Friday all went ok and it wasn't too bad! Just have the long wait for results. I was just wondering if you can exercise afterwards? I have read some conflicting things on the Internet and it doesn't say anything about exercise on my aftercare leaflet, so was just wondering if anywone could help me at all?

Thanks x


My aftercare leaflet it said no exercise for 48 hours. Hope this helps!


Hi Ashley,

Thanks that's great. Some things I read said straight away was ok and others 4-6 weeks!

Thanks x

Hiya, my leaflet said 48 hours so I took the following couple of days off work and didn't do much except sit around in my PJs but after that I was fine to go back to normal. I found that when I went back to work and was walking around a bit more, the bloody discharge increased slightly, but it wasn't much and it was probably all in my head! xx