Exercise After lletz and biopsy

Two weeks ago I had lletz treatment and a biopsy taken, I didn't exercise for the rest of the week and went back a week later then got bleeding and smelly discharge so was put on antibiotics as doctor said looked like an infection so I rested for the rest of the week and my bleeding stopped and no more smelly discharge. I felt much better and went back to the gym yesterday and today but Iv started bleeding again bring red it's not a lot and I'm having some little cramps. Could I have done more harm ? I can't stand not exercising it helps my depression. Any experience with this ? I did do some ab work this morning maybe I shouldn't do any more ab workouts for abit but carry on my normal workouts just weight lifting and uphill walking ? 

Really you are meant to hold off heavy excercise for at least a month to six weeks. I would not recommend weight lifting. Walking should be fine though, I know it's hard when you can't exercise! x